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Walking so fast, do you borrow your legs and rush to pay them back

Fu Mingyu didn’t rush to return his leg.

When he got to the 16th floor, he went straight to his office.

The Administrative Secretary and assistants who had been waiting at the door kept up with him.

While Fu Mingyu was seated behind his desk, this month’s mid- to long-term flight plan, flight tracking and dynamic monitoring reports were placed in front of him.

Fu Mingyu picked up the top-level file, had just glanced at it and his eyes suddenly stopped.

The assistant in charge of sorting out the report suddenly felt nervous and was ready to call the director of the Flight Department.

However, he saw Fu Mingyu put down his things and asked the Administrative Secretary.

“Where is the thing that I told you to prepare last night”

The Administrative Secretary immediately took out a book full of documents and put it in front of Fu Mingyu: “This is all your itinerary information for the past two years, including flight information and hotel check-in, as well as specific meeting or event records.”

Seeing such a thick thing, Fu Mingyu rubbed his eyebrows, and the Administrative Secretary said again: “It has been marked according to the classification of countries and regions.”

Fu Mingyu nodded: “You go out first.”

Ruan Sixian went to the Flight Department and waited for about half an hour.

The crew will be here tomorrow.

There are only two ACJ31 assigned to Jiangcheng base, and the corresponding pilots are naturally limited.

On the scene were more than a dozen people, including other standby flight personnel, that took the crew car from the special passage to the apron.

At the moment of getting off the car, a gust of strong wind came from the spacious apron.

A group of people went against the wind and stood under the wing.

The captains took everyone around the plane to check.

——In fact, there is nothing to check today, mainly to appreciate the beauty of the new plane.

Then they took people into the plane, entered the cockpit, familiarizing them with the instrument panel and operation panel over and over again.

Ruan Sixian was already familiar with these things, but the other captains and co-pilots came out from the refitting training.

They are more nervous than newcomers like Ruan Sixian.

Each and every one of them went to familiarize with it several times in turn.

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After doing all of this, it was already noon.

They had lunch at the airport, and then continued to be busy until the afternoon.

All the preparation activities then ended and everyone was disbanded in place.

It was not until she returned to Hengshi Airlines that she recovered from her excitement.

Although she looked calm, behaved self-sufficiently and spoke steadily, and has the temperament that the best student should have, but God knows that she has already screamed in her heart.


It is precisely tomorrow, that she will finally leave her student status and formally board the plane for a three-and-a-half month flying career in the back row.

Of course, the flight time is decided by the Hengshi Airlines’ Flight Department based on her qualifications and the shortage of pilots.

In three and a half months, she can be on the right side of the cockpit and become a co-pilot.

If she does well enough, it may only take her two years before she can be released as a captain.

——Of course, this is also the condition that Hengshi Airlines had negotiated with her at the beginning.

It was unknown if it’s too windy today so that the dust on the ground is rising one after another.

Ruan Sixian even wants to cry.

If she had a friend by her side, she would surely hold her 360 degrees and rotate 10 times to vent her feelings.

She is so happy and when Yan’an sent a WeChat saying that he wanted to have dinner together in the evening, she just agreed.

But a few seconds later, she returned to her senses.

What did they just talk about

Yan’an asked her how things were with the car last night.

Ruan Sixian said it was solved smoothly.

And while she was at it, she also thanked Yan’an for his help.

Yan’an said that it was nothing more than a small effort, but while he was at it, he also asked her if she had the time to have dinner together in the evening.

This, however she sees it, it was all about deliberately asking her out.

At that moment when she figured it out, Ruan Sixian had a trace of regret.

She didn’t seem to have that meaning at all towards Yan’an.

But on second thought, unmarried man and unmarried woman, the other party’s conditions are good, and she also can get along with his personalities, why can’t they contact each other to see if they fit well

So Ruan Sixian obediently went to the gate of Hengshi Airlines and waited for Yan’an to pick her up.


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