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Bo Yang felt as if the air in the car had been emptied out, and this even lasted for three minutes.

When he felt that it was difficult to breathe, someone opened the window in time and the air ventilated.

Bo Yang thought that Miss Ruan was also a person with too slow of a reflex.

Now she just realized that she had just spoken inappropriately, so she opened the window to divert her attention.

However, when Bo Yang looked in the rearview mirror, it was his boss who opened the window.

At this moment, they were on a viaduct leading to the Hengshi Airlines, near the airport and far away from the busy city.

The speed was very fast, and the wind from the outside was blowing in, passing through Fu Mingyu and rushing straight towards Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian immediately reached out and covered her forehead.

When she went out today, she tied up her hair casually.

Two fringes were blown onto the side of her temple messily.

If it goes on like this, she could be considered to have parachuted into the Hengshi Airlines.

Fortunately, without waiting for her to speak, Fu Mingyu closed the window by himself.

This short action, Ruan Sixian understood that Fu Mingyu was just in the process of calming himself.

That’s good.

She’s happy.

Ruan Sixian straightened her hair in front of the car window, arranged her bangs, and was about to smooth the last flying strand of hair when she happened to meet Fu Mingyu’s gaze that was reflected on the car window.

Fu Mingyu is looking at her.

“Will you be uncomfortable if you didn’t choke me with your words”

Ruan Sixian didn’t know whether Fu Mingyu could see her eyes from the car window or not.

Anyway, she rolled her eyes as beautifully as she thought herself to be.

Then she slowly turned around, looked at Fu Mingyu and blinked.

“I’m sorry, President Fu.

I’m just a straightforward person but I have no bad intention.

You won’t mind about it, right”

When she finished, even Ruan Sixian herself was shocked.

She was trained by Fu Mingyu to unconsciously master this prosperous white lotus skill.

Fu Mingyu didn’t answer her.

His eyes fell on her face and looked at her inch by inch.

This look made Ruan Sixian a little afraid.

At this moment, she actually felt that maybe when this person felt aggrieved, he would secretly let her suffer.

On a bigger scale, Fu Mingyu will directly slapped the contract on her face and shouted “You’re fired!” This is the most straightforward result.

It’s not impossible for Fu Mingyu to mess with her in the dispatch department, or say something to the air traffic control department such as letting her plane take off at the end of the line every time, which will only waste her several hours in vain.

In the end, Ruan Sixian felt that she could not let herself become the enemy of the money.

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Thinking of this, Ruan Sixian, who was staring at Fu Mingyu in the opposite direction, weakened a little bit, and there was a hint of dodging in her eyes.

Fu Mingyu caught this moment’s dodge, and he suddenly smiled.

He smiled

Ruan Sixian was sure that what she saw was not an ‘angry smile’, but a kind of smile that vaguely revealed ‘you are really interesting’.

Are you sick

Hello, are you a masochist

Ruan Sixian fiercely drank a sip of water and didn’t bother to care about him anymore.

It happened that the car had already driven to the main road, less than 200 meters away from the gate of Hengshi Airlines.

“Stop the car, please.” Ruan Sixian said, “I will get off here.”

The driver didn’t stop immediately.

He only slowed down and choked in the front row.

Bo Yang, who was holding his breath in the front row to the point of lacking oxygen, finally found a chance to speak: “Miss Ruan This is the roadside.”

“I know.

I will just get off here.

There are many people at the front gate.

It’s to avoid suspicion.”

The word ‘suspicion’ was said very heavily.

It seems that it doesn’t mean ‘suspicion’ at all, but ‘dislike’.

Bo Yang didn’t know if he felt it wrong.

He looked back at Fu Mingyu, who just lowered his head and pulled up his sleeves.

He looked indifferent and said, “It’s not necessary.”

Not necessary

What’s not necessary

It seems that you and I haven’t reached the point where there’s no need to avoid suspicion, right

Without Fu Mingyu’s approval, the driver naturally would not stop, so he drove all the way into the underground parking lot of Hengshi Airlines.

At this moment, Ruan Sixian realized that she was thinking too much.

Fu Mingyu’s parking space is not in the place where the employees park, so there is really no need to avoid suspicion at all.

After getting out of the car, Ruan Sixian lowered her head and pulled her clothes twice.

As soon as she looked up, Fu Mingyu had gone far away.



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