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The person from the insurance company was called over in the middle of the night, so his attitude was not very good.

“This is a rule.

We can’t make a difference without the other party’s signature.”

Si Xiaozhen looks at Ruan Sixian pitifully.

Okay, just count it as I’ve run into it.

Ruan Sixian turned around and sent another message to Yan’an.

After waiting for ten minutes, the other party still didn’t reply.

Most probably, he had already fallen asleep.

She went to Bo Yang again and sent a message, but he didn’t reply too after a few minutes had passed.

After scanning the Moments of her circle of friends, she found that an hour ago he shared a song with the word ‘Good night’.


Ruan Sixian looked back and saw Si Xiaozhen’s terrible eyes.

She took a deep breath and went to the friend request page to pass the approval.

“President Fu insurance staff need your confirmation if you are not asleep please come down.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t even use the punctuation, but Fu Mingyu’s reply came almost in seconds.

“So you knew it was me.

Wow, this guy, really.

Ruan Sixian copied the above sentence twice without expression.

“President Fu insurance staff need your confirmation if you are not asleep please come down.”

“President Fu insurance staff need your confirmation if you are not asleep please come down.”

“OK, I’m coming.

Don’t worry.

Who is worried!

Five minutes later, Fu Mingyu reappeared in the parking lot, while Ruan Sixian had already sat in the co-pilot seat of Si Xiaozhen’s car and closed the car door tightly.

When the insurance personnel saw the Bugatti’s car owner, his attitude was obviously much better.

Si Xiaozhen, who was splitted in personality, reluctantly signed on one side and nodded submissively, while glancing at Fu Mingyu secretly from time to time.

Ruan Sixian didn’t bother to take care of them, so she just took out her mobile phone to check the topics.

After a while, the car door was suddenly opened, and a faint smell of fir rushed into Ruan Sixian’s nose with the surging air of the car.

She raised her head and looked at Fu Mingyu in surprise: “What are you doing in here”

Fu Mingyu closed the car door, pressed the start button, and glanced sideways at Ruan Sixian.

“The person from the insurance company is going to drive the car away.

I helped her reverse the car.”

“Do they have no hands”

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“They didn’t dare to do it because the car was too close.”


OK, you have Bugatti, so you are f*cking great.

Ruan Sixian immediately went to open the door, “Then you let me down first.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a ‘click’ sound in the car.

He locked all the four doors.

“What are you doing”

Fu Mingyu put his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on the seat of the car.

Although he didn’t mean to approach her, Ruan Sixian had nowhere to hide because of the aura that seemed to enshroud her.

He made no effort to hide the meaning of exploration in his eyes.

His eyes lingered on Ruan Sixian’s face for a while.

“Miss Ruan, do you have any opinions on me”

The narrow space is almost full of his breath.

In this dim underground parking lot, even his voice has become a bit deeper and hoarser.

Ruan Sixian shrank toward the car door, “No.

How dare I have any opinion on President Fu.”

“Really Last night in your circle of friends, were you scolding me”

Then you are pretty self-aware.

“Which one”

Fu Mingyu didn’t say anything.

His eyelids lifted, which means ‘don’t pretend in front of me’.

“Oh, you mean that one.

There are a lot of men who add me every day.

I’m also very annoyed by it.”

Anyway, she didn’t want to deny it too.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know whether Fu Mingyu believed it or not.

Anyway, he didn’t speak anymore.

He just gave Ruan Sixian a deep look, and the look in his eyes was hard to distinguish between joy and anger.

They looked at each other, and no one gave way.

When a strange atmosphere was spreading in the car, Fu Mingyu suddenly turned the steering wheel with his left hand, and then he reversed the car without looking at the road.

His eyes were always on Ruan Sixian.

What the f*ck.

Ruan Sixian was taken aback.

Suddenly playing cool, are you sick

Back at home, Si Xiaozhen went to take a bath.

Ruan Sixian changed her clothes and lay on the sofa.

She still felt that everywhere was not right.

It was Si Xiaozhen who crashed the car, but she was the one who added WeChat in the end, and she was also the one who brought out the facts and reasons for a long time.

Why does she feel like she has been tricked

The more she thought about it, the more angry she got.

However, she picked up her mobile phone and posted to her circle of friends.

‘There is a wild dog in this broken community.

So scared [cry loudly] [cry loudly] [cry loudly]’.


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