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Coincidentally, every time they came back to the villa, they never bumped into each other again.

Last night was the second time they slept in the same bed together.

“By the way.” Zheng You’an walked halfway and turned back from the spiral staircase, “Brother Yan’an, do you sleep in that room I’m sick, so can you leave the master bedroom to me I don’t think the sunlight in other rooms is as good as the master bedroom.”

Yan’an looked at her for several seconds with his head tilted and his chin raised.

Zheng You’an felt frightened by his stare and touched her cheek.

When she was about to speak, he said: “Whatever you want.”

Zheng You’an naturally lives in the master bedroom.

But in the evening, when she was lying in bed playing with her mobile phone, Yan’an in pajamas came in.

Zheng You’an sat up agitatedly and said, “You——”

Yan’an: “Have you taken the medicine”

Seeing the water and medicine in Yan’an’s hand, Zheng You’an was stunned for a moment and then said: “Oh, I forgot.”

After she took the glass of water from Yan’an’s hand, Zheng You’an felt the other side of the bed collapse as soon as she swallowed the medicine.

She glanced at it from the corner of her eye and almost choked herself to death.

“You, cough, cough, cough…”

Yan’an had no choice but to straighten his body again and pat her on the back.

“No one will grab the medicine from your hand.”

“That’s not it——” After finally cooling herself down, Zheng You’an’s face still turned red from the coughing, “You sleep here tonight”

Yan’an’s hand on her back froze, and he looked as if he didn’t understand what she said, “Can’t I sleep here”

“Of course you… can.

Your name is written on the property deed.”

Zheng You’an didn’t know what was wrong with what she said.

Anyway, Yan’an didn’t say anything and just turned his back to her and went to sleep.

He reached out and turned off the floor lamp.

Zheng You’an also lay down, but she did not fall asleep.

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Fortunately, when she came back this time, Yan’an didn’t ask her why she left suddenly that day.

Otherwise, she really didn’t know how to explain it.

If she can’t tell the reason as urgent as an alien needs her to save the earth or the likes, she is afraid that she can’t make up a convincing reason.

She couldn’t just tell him that she panicked about it, right

After all, they have been married for a year and have been conscientiously playing the game of plastic couples.

And that day was their wedding anniversary.

She joked that they should have a drink to celebrate it.

As a result, Yan’an also agreed and opened a bottle of rare red wine.

The two of them chatted while drinking wine.

They talked from the time they first met to the present, and none of them thought that they would appear on the same certificate with the other party.

What Yan’an didn’t expect was that Zheng You’an’s drinking capacity was just like this.

After three drinks, her eyes became blurred and she fell on his shoulder, drunk and going crazy.

But this little sister is quite cute when she goes crazy.

She dances in bed for a while, and wants to go catch crickets in the lawn downstairs after that.

Of course, it was impossible for him to let her go downstairs at night.

He could not stop her so he simply carried her to the room and closed the door to let her take a bath and sleep.

What happened later, Zheng You’an felt a palpitation when she thought of it.

The reason for her palpitation is that she is very clear about her position in this marriage.

Once she is tempted, she is done.

But that night, her only remaining sense of reason that night kept the heart beating until the early morning.

She is an adult, so she would have some confusion about the difference between sex and love.

Because of this, she knew what it might mean if the enjoyment and degradation of that night continued to develop.

So the next morning, she calmed down in the panic, sat at the head of the bed and booked herself a flight to Morocco.

YES! Still visa free!

At least, these three months in a strange land, she felt that the relationship between them could return to the past.


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