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The house in Bocui Sky Mansion was a gift from Zheng Taichu when Zheng You’an got married.

At the beginning, Zheng You’an didn’t understand why the apartment in the suburb was given to her, but her one year of married life made her understand its deep meaning.

“Wait.” Pei Qing glanced at the mobile phone and said, “The heating system in Bocui Sky Mansion is broken.

The property management sent me a message last night, saying that it can only be repaired at noon today.”

The driver hit the brake and inside the car, it was quiet for a few seconds.

“An’an An’an” Pei Qing shakes Zheng You’an’s arm.

“Are you asleep”

“Um…” Zheng You’an yawned in a daze, “Oh, I just heard it.

Go back to my parents’ house then.”

The driver stepped on the accelerator, and a voice came from the back again.

“Forget it, don’t disturb them.”


The driver slowly looked up at the rearview mirror.

Pei Qingyang raised his hand.

“Go to Hongzhao Bay.”

The villa at Hongzhao Bay is the marital home of Zheng You’an and Yan’an.

But there are only a handful of times she has lived there in the past.

It is estimated that Yan’an is also like that.

Five o’clock in the morning is the darkest time of the day.

The black MPV slowly stopped at the door under the pale street light.

A man and a woman got out of the car and opened the trunk.

They were careful not to make any noise, and looked like thieves.

“Let’s not move these now.” Zheng You’an said, “Just give me my personal belongings.

You go back to rest first, and bring these things to Bocui Sky Mansion tomorrow before you come to pick me up.”

When Yan’an came out from the bath, the sky was actually already bright, but the blackout curtains in the bedroom were drawn, and no light could be seen.

He came back from Europe in the afternoon, and he hasn’t got over his jet lag yet.

He drank some wine with several friends, and unknowingly came to this point in time.

The room was quiet, as usual.

At the moment of lying in bed, Yan’an felt a faint fragrance around him.

But with his drunken mind, he didn’t think much about it either.

He only felt that he was hallucinating.

The curtain is closed so tightly, isolating the transfer of light and shadow, and the passage of time is no longer clear.

When the bedside alarm went off, one didn’t even know what time it was.

Until the two pairs of eyes are opened and the four eyes face each other.

The indoor heating is fully turned on, even breathing was scorching, not to mention the other party’s body temperature that was transmitted in the quilt.

After three seconds of chaos in mind, a scream cut through the sky.


It’s fine if it’s just screaming, but Zheng You’an subconsciously kicks the person on the bed and stumbles out of the bed.

Yan’an groaned, and sat up with his upper body half propped up, looking at the person in front of him in disbelief.

After a few seconds of silence, Zheng You’an calmed down and realized that the man in front of her was neither a thief nor a wild man, but her husband.

“When did you come back”

The two spoke in unison.

Yan’an rubbed his temples which were sore from being stimulated by her, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance”

“You were not here when I came back.”

Zheng You’an didn’t notice that her answer was irrelevant at all.

She looked down and saw that she was still wearing a lace suspender pajama, while Yan’an on the bed was naked.

As for whether he was wearing something on his lower body or not, the quilt covered him so she couldn’t see it.

But from the touch of her foot just now, it seemed that he was not wearing pajamas.

This scene reminded her of the night before she went abroad.

The occurrence of that accident almost led this ‘marriage of convenience’ to a fork in the road.

Fortunately, Zheng You’an made a quick decision.

The next morning, before Yan’an woke up, she packed up her luggage and went to North Africa to get back on track.


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