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When she was six years old, her birthday was celebrated on the plane.

The private flight sailed over the Arctic Ocean.

She sat in the cockpit and looked out at the aurora with her mouth half open.

At the age of eight, she was already a primary school student.

In the natural science class, the teacher showed pictures of thunder and lightning.

That summer holiday, when she was on a plane to Europe, she encountered a bump, and when she looked out the window, she saw lightning splitting through the clouds from the stratosphere.

Little Star seemed to be greatly shocked, and even after landing, she still looked up at the sky.

When she was ten years old, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu took her to see the Colorado Grand Canyon, the largest crack on the earth.

The canyon is winding and endless, like a giant python that has been covered with dust since ancient times, crawling on the Kaibab Plateau.

At the age of twelve, the family of three went to Africa, stood in front of Victoria Falls, and saw the so-called ‘Roaring Clouds’.

Little Star was not accustomed to the soil and conditions there, and fell ill.

She even muttered in her sleep: “It’s even bigger than Niagara Falls…”

Gradually, she became taller and taller.

Her legs became longer and longer, and she spent less and less time at home.

When Ruan Sixian became a flight instructor, she had more free time, but it seemed that she couldn’t keep up with Little Star’s running out.

At the age of fifteen, Little Star finally packed her bags and went into the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

The Mammoth Cave dominates the world with the number, wonder and size of the karst caves.

However, the exact size is still a mystery, and Little Star does not know too.

At the age of seventeen, Little Star left footprints in the Glacier Bay of Alaska.

The glacier was flowing in the huge bay, and Little Stars helped to engrave the names of Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian on the ice.

By the time she was eighteen years old, it was time for her to choose a university major, but Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian seemed unable to intervene.

The long summer days make people lazy all over.

The two sat on the reclining chairs on the balcony and basked in the sun.

The orange kitten jumped on Fu Mingyu’s lap and stretched its neck to lick the back of Ruan Sixian’s hand.

They are looking through the photo album.

The photos sent by Little Star over the years were messy, but they could be made into a picture album called ‘Wonders Of The World’.

When they close the album, Little Star sends a new photo again.

Today, she took a picture of the constellation Leo at the Mauna Kea Observatory.

The little blue planet under her feet seemed to be no longer able to satisfy her.

Their Little Stars, began to shine.

Zheng You’an would not have returned to China earlier if she had not suddenly fallen ill.

She came back in a hurry and didn’t tell anyone and she was only accompanied by her assistant.

She was a person who went on holiday as if she was moving out, so there were two carts piled up with large and small boxes.

Assistant Pei Qing was too busy, so she give him a hand and walked out of the airport all the way.

After the driver came to meet her, she was finally relieved.

At 3:00 in the morning, the airport was still brightly lit.

Zheng You’an got into the car and felt that her arms were so sore that she could not even lift them.

She put on a blindfold and was ready to go to sleep.

Pei Qing took out the medicine, unscrewed the mineral water and said: “An’an, it’s time to take the medicine.”

Zheng You’an’s hands were so sore and she couldn’t lift it up, so she just opened her mouth in response.

Pei Qing fed the medicine into her mouth and told her: “Swallow it yourself.

I can’t help you with this.”

Zheng You’an did not speak.

After a while, Pei Qing saw her throat move.

After the car left the airport, the driver turned around and asked: “Where to”

Zheng You’an closed her eyes and said feebly: “What time is it now”

“Four o’clock.”

“It’s four o’clock already… Go to Bocui Sky Mansion.”


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