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“You are cute.” Fu Mingyu said, “You are a damn cute…”

“Shh! Stop talking.” Ruan Sixian suddenly pressed Fu Mingyu’s chin.

“Or Little Star will learn this swear word again later.”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

Ruan Sixian never said anything negative about Fu Mingyu again in front of her daughter since that day.

She made an agreement with herself that when she wanted to say ‘are you sick’, she would say ‘are you okay’ instead.

When she wanted to say ‘you pervert’, she would say ‘are you alright’ instead.

Even in order to prevent Little Star from learning her way of calling Fu Mingyu by his formal name, when she was emotional, while gnashing her teeth, she addressed him with——‘respected husband’ instead.

Ruan Sixian doesn’t know if Little Star will say unpleasant words in the future.

Anyway, in the eyes of outsiders, the husband and wife treat each other with proper respect and concern between husband and wife like how it was in a textbook.

In addition to her own self-restraint, Ruan Sixian also made this request to Fu Mingyu.

“You are not allowed to say ‘oh’, you are not allowed to say ‘um’, you are not allowed to say ‘tsk’, and you’re not allowed to say ‘anything is fine’.

I find it a difficult choice if I hear these words, and you are also not allowed to just nod without saying anything.”

Ruan Sixian took a breath and added, “If you really have nothing to say, just say ‘wife, I love you’, understand”

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Ruan Sixian looked at him, waiting for him to say ‘okay’.

After a long while, the person opposite said: “Wife, I love you.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”


Little Star’s parrot language learning has come to an end for the time being, and she has never learned any swear words again.

But for her education, Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian’s attitudes were actually quite relaxed.

Most of the time, she was allowed to play as she wanted, and she was not sent to the early education class until she was over three years old.

It was the first time that the child was going to leave the family and go to an unfamiliar place to spend half a day there.

Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu were worried and took the time to send her there in person.

However, the child did not cry or make any trouble along the way.

Even when the teacher carried her in, she turned back and waved goodbye to them with a smile.

“Goodbye, Mom and Dad~”

It is good for children to be sensible, but Ruan Sixian felt a little sad.

“Do you think she will leave without looking back in the future”

When the child was more than three years old, Fu Mingyu already had the foresight of a parent.

He held Ruan Sixian’s hand, looked at the child in the toddler classroom, and said: “Children will always have their own life, and the person who will always be with you is me.”

A month later, Little Star received her first homework.

The teacher distributed a hand-painted picture book to everyone and let the children take it home to learn about ‘mountains and rivers’.

In the picture book, the mountains are green, the water is blue, and the clouds are white.

Little Star began to doze off after turning two pages hastily.

It is said that one can already see a person’s old age since that person is three years old.

Ruan Sixian seems to have foreseen the future of her daughter as a slacker in study.

This will not work.

She opened the book again, pointed to the picture and said: “Come, let’s read it again with Mom.”

“This is the mountain…”

“Mountain.” Little star followed, then pointed to the river and white clouds in the picture faster than Ruan Sixian, “River, cloud.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

This child not only looks like her dad, but also has a similar temper like her dad.

“Star, let’s stop reading.” Fu Mingyu hugged her, “Let’s go to see the real mountains and rivers.”

“Okay, okay!”

Fu Mingyu turned back and raised his eyebrows at Ruan Sixian.

After so many years of getting along day and night, how could Ruan Sixian not understand what he meant.

At this moment, she was more eager for action than Little Star.

Two hours later, a family of three appeared at Nan’ao Public Airport.

The diamond superstar is well maintained.

Although they haven’t been here for several months, not a bit of dust has fallen on it.


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