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Si Xiaozhen immediately raised her hands and did not dare to touch the steering wheel again.

Her heart thumped.

“Look at what car I crashed.”

Ruan Sixian gave her a white look and looked out again.

With this look, Ruan Sixian almost fainted.

Although she doesn’t recognize the logo on the tire, she had some basic knowledge.

Just looking at the shape of the car, the closed body, streamlined back, two doors with two seaters, and a lot of matte dark blue——it’s over.

She looked at Si Xiaozhen quietly, “Are you mentally prepared”


“I think it’s a sports car that can buy ten of your house.”

As soon as she turned her eyes, she felt numb.

She immediately got out of the car and squeezed to the back.

When she saw a large scratch on the sports car’s body and the concave part of her car’s body, she almost fell into a coma on the spot.

“Can I, can I escape”

“Why don’t you say whether you can directly kill yourself or not”

Ruan Si Xian rolled her eyes at her and with hands on her hips, she started to look around.

At this time, the black car that just wanted to grab parking space with Si Xiaozhen leisurely drove by, rolled down the window and laughed gleefully.

Ruan Sixian glared at him, but the driver was not angry.

He stepped on the brake and said, “Beauty, do you know what kind of car this is The Bugatti Chiron 110th Anniversary Limited Edition.

There is only this one luxury sports car in the entire Jiangcheng.

This time, Si Xiaozhen was really going to be in a coma.

She held the door of the car and her legs were trembling.

“It’s over.

I’m over.”

“Don’t panic.

You call the insurance company.”

Ruan Sixian frowned and paced a few steps.

“How can I contact the car owner…”

She took a look at Si Xiaozhen and saw her hands shaking when she dialed.

She didn’t expect anything out of her any more.

There is only this one luxury sports car in the entire Jiangcheng…

Ruan Sixian suddenly thought of a person, maybe he really knew it.

She went to one side, took a picture of the car and sent it to Yan’an with the license plate.

“President Yan, my friend’s car got into a little trouble in my apartment’s parking lot.

Do you know who the owner of this car is “

At the moment she sent it out, Ruan Sixian thought that who knows, maybe this car belongs to Yan’an.

As far as the current contact is concerned, he is a good talker.

Maybe things can be resolved.

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Within a few minutes, Yan’an called directly, and there was a sense of schadenfreude.

“You crashed this car”

Hearing these words, Ruan Sixian knew that she was thinking too much.

This is not Yan’an’s car.


My friend accidentally made a mistake when she grabbed the parking space.”

Ruan Sixian heard Yan’an laugh, and the tone was strange.

“I really know who this car belongs to.

I wanted to grab it but didn’t get it.”

After a pause, he said again: “Your friend is very lucky.”

Ruan Sixian suddenly had an unknown premonition, and her back was chilly.

“President Yan, could you help me contact the owner of the car”

Yan’an laughed again and then said slowly: “Okay, he should not be asleep yet.

I’ll give him a call.”

“Thank you.”

After she hung up the phone, Ruan Sixian turned and looked at Si Xiaozhen, feeling that the person in front of her had already turned discouraged by half.

“What does the insurance company say”

Sixiaozhen hung up the phone tremblingly, her voice was hoarse.

“They said they would come right away.

B, but they said my car had been misplaced.

They couldn’t pay for all of it.

Maybe they could only pay 70 percent of it.”

Okay, the person in front of her turned fully discouraged now.

“What, what about your side”

What’s the use of anxiety now Ruan Sixian looked at the mark on the Bugatti car and sighed: “The owner will come down soon.”

Si Xiaozhen’s eyes were red and she grabbed Ruan Sixian’s hand.

“What should I do”

Ruan Sixian patted her on the shoulder, “It’s okay.

It just scratched the paint.

It shouldn’t make you go bankrupt.

Wait until the car owner comes.”

The two stood nervously in the parking lot for five minutes, and finally heard footsteps in the distance.

Si Xiaozhen’s mood that has become a little calmer after a while with much difficulty, broke down again.

“Here it comes, here it comes!”

As the person walked in quickly, Si Xiaozhen squeezed Ruan Sixian’s hand and almost broke her finger.


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