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However, there was only one seat left on the flight that day that was not sold, so all the elderly, weak, sick and disabled passengers on subsequent flights were allowed to board the plane ahead of schedule.

And in this span of time of more than four hours, the mobile phone communication of N country did not resume, so Ruan Sixian did not even hear Fu Mingyu’s voice.

Helan Xiang brought a cup of hot water and sat beside Ruan Sixian.

“Drink some water.” She patted Ruan Sixian on the back, “See Your clothes are even wet with sweat already.”

Ruan Sixian raised her head and drank a whole glass of water, but her throat was still dry.


“It will be alright.

They said there were no casualties.” Helan Xiang clutched the cloth on her knees with a calm expression, “Don’t worry.”

At nine o’clock in the evening, a passenger plane temporarily deployed from Jiangcheng was on standby and was about to fly to the capital of N country to pick up stranded passengers.

Ruan Sixian changed her uniform in Fu Mingyu’s office.

In the empty office, Helan Xiang paced back and forth, and finally stopped at the door of the rest room and knocked on the door.

“Why don’t we let someone else go there I am not at ease…”

Ruan Sixian opened the door, and her uniform was already dressed properly.

“Mom, I want to make sure he’s safe with my own eyes.”

“We have confirmed that he is not on the injured list.

He is definitely safe now.”

Ruan Sixian still shook her head, and said without any loose expression in her eyes, “I want to see him with my own eyes.”

“You…” Helan Xiang held her own hand tightly for a moment, and then loosened it.

“Go, go.

Go find him.

But you must pay attention to your own safety too.”

He Lanxiang’s concerns are not without reason.

Generally speaking, the passenger planes that carry out this route are configured with two captains.

However, because of the special situation this time, the crew will be configured with five captains to fly at the same time, and each captain has plateau flight experience.

In the aviation industry, there is an unwritten regulation of ‘no night flight on plateau flight’.

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Plateau routes refer to routes above 1,500 meters above sea level, while those above 2,438 meters above sea level are called high-altitude routes.

The requirements of this route for pilots are several orders of magnitude higher than those of ordinary routes.

Flying from Jiangcheng to the capital of N country, crossing not only the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an average altitude of 4,000 meters, but also crossing the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, with an altitude of 8,844 meters.

The flight difficulty of this route is the top among the high altitude routes.

Because it is extremely dangerous, this route has never been done in a night flight.

At 9:30 p.m., the crew arrived and the captain queue headed by the responsible captain boarded the plane in turn.

Helan Xiang followed up the gangway and did not forget to take Ruan Sixian’s hand and instructed: “You must pay attention to safety, and you can’t be distracted even for a minute or a second in the high plateau night flight.”

“Yeah.” Ruan Sixian nodded, “Mom, don’t worry, I will go home safely with him.”

Ruan Sixian entered the cabin door and looked up at the thick night.

The moon is bright and the stars are sparse, and the night sky is boundless.

Even if it is a 4,000 meter plateau, 9,000 meter Mount Everest, and a high-altitude night flight, I will come to you-

Three and a half hours later, the plane landed at the airport of the N country’s capital.

The airport apron that was far away from the urban area is silent, but the dull wind seems to carry the howling from the ruins.

Ruan Sixian was the only captain who stepped out of the cockpit.

The flight attendant was busy in the cabin.

She stood at the door of the cabin and looked at the terminal building in the distance.

A local mechanic under the wing circled two times with his hands behind his back.

He seemed to be in a good mood and muttered a long string of words to Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian couldn’t understand a word and looked ahead without blinking.

“My husband is in this country.

I am here to pick him up.”

TN: Sorry, I seem to have translated a wrong word in the past chapters about RSX’s flight test.

It should be a ‘plateau flight test’ and not ‘high-altitude flight test’.

And RSX’s last words were spoken in English.


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