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“How can I not panic! Fu Mingyu, are you out of your mind Are you stupid”-

After arriving at the hospital and getting him examined, the doctor said it was fine and it was just a skin injury.

“Don’t you need to take a CT scan” Ruan Sixian stared at the doctor closely, “Otherwise, let’s take the CT scan first”

The doctor wanted to say ‘no’ directly, but he hesitated for a while when he saw Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

“Just take it.” Fu Mingyu took off again the coat he had put on, “Let her be at ease.”

Twenty minutes later, the doctor received the message from the CT room, lifted his glasses and waved to Ruan Sixian to see it.

“See It’s really fine.”


When they walked out of the hospital gate, the rain had already subsided a lot, and it washed away the dreary atmosphere unique to the hospital.

Ruan Sixian clenched Fu Mingyu’s ten fingers and said grumpily, “Fortunately, you are lucky today.

The fence is not made of steel.

Otherwise, for the rest of your life, you have to be served even for eating and drinking.

“That’s quite good.”

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and inhaled.

When she opened her eyes again, she stared at him fiercely.

“I am not joking with you.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu moved his shoulders casually, “I know.

Let’s go home.”

Despite the doctor’s positive answer, Ruan Sixian was still in shock.

Every time she thinks of that moment, in addition to fear, there is more distress instead.

Sitting in the car, she lowered her head to cover her face and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“You’re really going to scare me to death.”


Fu Mingyu originally wanted to say something to comfort her, but instead, he heard her say: “You are thirty-two years old this year.

At this age, it is most likely to have something bad happen.

Don’t be like this anymore in the future, okay”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

“Anyhow, you’re a bachelor’s degree graduate, majoring in physics.

Don’t be so superstitious, okay”

Ruan Sixian rubbed her eyes with her head buried, and then firmly grasped his hand.

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“Do you hear me You are not allowed to do this kind of thing anymore in the future.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t give her a positive answer.

“No one can predict such an accident.”

If there is another time, he will still do so.

Ruan Sixian heard his inner voice.

Her knuckles were tight and turned white, but she couldn’t say anything else.

All the words were suppressed to the bottom of her heart by the sour feeling that was surging in her chest.

It may be her superstition, but when she went through her long life and looked back to the past, this year was indeed the most frightening year in her life.

In October, Fu Mingyu took the senior executives of the marketing department to N country to sign business contracts.

In the afternoon of the third day after he left, the early autumn’s weather feels so refreshing because of the cool breeze, and the sky was blue and cloudless.

On a quiet afternoon, Ruan Sixian sat on the sofa reading a magazine, a variety show was playing on TV, and the fluff on the carpet was blown by the breeze, scratching her toes.

When turning the page, she glanced casually at the TV, and the news scroll bar showed ‘At 2:03 this afternoon, an earthquake of 7.2 in magnitude occurred in N country…’

Two seconds later, the magazine in Ruan Sixian’s hand fell, and her mind instantly went blank-

When Ruan Sixian arrived at Hengshi Airlines building, Helan Xiang, Fu Boting and Fu Chengyu also arrived.

Seeing Ruan Sixian, Fu Chengyu spoke to her immediately.

“Don’t worry, the embassy has confirmed that no Chinese were killed.”

Ruan Sixian had seen this news on her way here, but the fact that no Chinese were killed does not mean that no Chinese were injured.

She didn’t speak and just sat quietly on the side, staring straight at the ground, and her face was pale.

People come and go all around her.

Their footsteps hurried, and their phone was ringing one after another, as if this was a disaster area.

At 6:30 p.m., more than four hours after the earthquake, news came from N country that the ground was temporarily confirmed to be safe.

A Hengshi Airlines’ flight originally scheduled to take off from N country began its check-in.

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