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“What He still adds your WeChat! “

The next day, at the bar at ten o’clock in the night, Bian Xuan shook the mixer and smiled so that her eyes narrowed into two crescent shapes.

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows, “Yeah.

I didn’t approve it.

I even scolded him in the circle of friends.”

Si Xiaozhen hugged a desk lamp in front of her chest and looked at Ruan Sixian vaguely: “So, he really doesn’t remember you”

Ruan Sixian hummed softly, grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed them into her mouth one by one.

“It’s normal if he doesn’t remember me.

All of the flight attendants have the same uniform, the same hairstyle, and even the same uniform smile with eight teeth shown.

Who can tell And with so many flight attendants swaying in front of him every day, where can he spare so much time” Bian Xuan mixed a glass of wine, put it in front of Ruan Sixian, supported her cheeks with her hands and asked, “But you all know that he also lives in Mingchen Apartment.

Don’t you want to look for a new house instead”

Ruan Sixian widened her eyes as if she had heard something absurd and bizzare.

“Why should I move I’ve even gone to work at Hengsi Airlines.

Isn’t that unreasonable What’s more, he should not stay there that often.

It’s near the airport, so he may take a rest there only when he’s busy.

What am I afraid of him for “

“Okay, okay, okay.” Bian Xuan pointed to the wine glass in front of her and instructed Ruan Sixian, “Send it to table three.”

Ruan Sixian clapped her hands and walked to the table on the edge of the bar hall with the wine glasses on the tray.

At the beginning of the year, Bian Xuan quit her job and returned to Jiangcheng with her savings of the past few years.

She realized her dream of opening a small bar and living the dream of hosting a party by herself.

It’s just that the business of the bar is not very good.

It’s barely making ends meet and haven’t made any profit, so she didn’t even hire any waiter.

When the business is good, she grabs her friends to come and help her.

Since she came back, Ruan Sixian has been grabbed several times in recent days.

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The busiest time is from 10:00 to 11:00.

When the other able-bodied person that Bian Xuan grabbed has arrived, Ruan Sixian and Si Xiaozhen then retired.

However, it’s not early anymore now.

Thinking of going to the evening shift tomorrow, Si Xiaozhen plans to go to Ruan Sixian’s new home to sleep for one night to see what her apartment looks like with a monthly rent of 30,000 yuan.

Si Xiaozhen excitedly pulled Ruan Sixian out and wanted to show off her driving skills.

Seeing the four internship stickers on Si Xiaozhen’s car, Ruan Sixian suddenly has the intention to quit.

“Why don’t we take a taxi”

Si Xiaozhen dragged Ruan Sixian into the car and passed her a pitiful baby’s look.

“Although I can’t fly a plane, it’s still fine for me to drive a car.

Don’t worry, I’ve passed the second and third subjects.”

That’s what she said, but Ruan Sixian still grabbed her seat belt and straightened her back along the way, watching all directions and listening to all sounds, before finally got to the underground parking lot smoothly.

“Over there, turn left.” The parking space in this community is tight.

Most of them are private parking spaces.

After the two of them turned two circles, Ruan Sixian finally saw an empty space.

“Slow down, the parking space is not big.

There are many luxury cars here.

Don’t scratch it.”

Just then, a black car was coming, and Si Xiaozhen’s hair was about to stand up.

“This one is coming to grab the parking space too! I’m sick of it!”

She fixed her eyes on the parking space and stepped on the gas pedal.

Before Ruan Sixian could react, she slammed the steering wheel and turned her head towards the parking space.

The speed was so fast that Ruan Sixian couldn’t even see the position clearly.

She felt a strange feeling of friction coming from the car body.

“Did you just graze the car next to you”

The parking space had been seized anyway, so only after Si Xiaozhen had stepped on the brakes did she realize what she had done.

“It, it couldn’t be, right”

Ruan Sixian immediately rolled down the car window and looked out.

The back of her car had just grazed the front of other people’s car next to hers.

The whole car was slanted on the back.

“It’s really grazed!”

When Si Xiaozhen was nervous, her thoughts were chaotic, and she actually moved forward a little bit.

Ruan Sixian felt the friction between the cars body, turned her head and shouted, “Don’t move!”


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