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“Are you thirsty Have a drink then.”

Zheng You’an: “….”

You might as well play dead.

It was only after Yan’an finished saying it that he came to recall that his words might mean ‘hating my wife for talking too much’, so he used a light cough to cover up his embarrassment and tried to mend it.

“I accompanied her shopping all afternoon today and we came here directly without taking a rest at all.”

“I see.” Ruan Sixian helped ease the embarrassment.

“That’s quite tiring.

President Yan, you should also drink more.”

Zheng You’an whispered in a low voice: “How can he be tired He didn’t even help carry a bag.”

Only Yan’an could hear the voice.

He turned his head to look at Zheng You’an, his eyes were half-squinted when he said in a low voice: “You buy six bags in one go, how can I carry them”

Zheng You’an drank her drink and didn’t speak.

The way he said it was as if he would help carry her bag if she bought only one bag.

It’s strange to say that she just returned to China yesterday, and today, she doesn’t know what happened to Yan’an because he even offered to accompany her to go shopping.

As a result, when they arrived at the shopping mall, he only looked at the window when entering the first store, and then drank the coffee made by the clerk before taking root on the sofa.

Even two hours later, because the sofa in the store was a little similar to the sofa in a store they had been to before, he even asked a question: Hadn’t they come to this store just now

Recognizing a store by means of a sofa is a symbol of contemporary married men.

At the time when Zheng You’an didn’t want to talk, the atmosphere at the dinner table completely cooled down.

“It’s getting late.”

After it ended, Ruan Sixian said while wearing her overcoat, “We will go home first.”

Yan’an stood up unhurriedly and also said: “We’re going home too.”

“Wait a minute.”

Dong Xian turned around and went to the cabinet to get two boxes of things for her two sons-in-law, “Although you are still young, you are usually very busy, and you don’t have much time to take care of yourself.

This is the dried fatty tissue of a true frog sent by a friend of mine, produced in Dashu river of Changbai Mountain, which is especially good for your body, tonifying the kidney and nourishing essence, enhancing immunity, usually…”

As soon as Ruan Sixian heard the word ‘tonifying the kidney’, her temple twitched.

Whatever Dong Xian said after that, she didn’t listen to it at all.

She just tightly squeezed Fu Mingyu’s hand and expressed her attitude with her eyes.

You are not allowed to take it!!

You are not allowed to accept this gift!!

Do you hear me!!

Fu Mingyu, take your hand back!!

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Don’t you have the money to buy it yourself!

Put it back!!

Fu Mingyu didn’t notice Ruan Sixian’s eyes at all.

He accepted it with peace of mind, and even said thanks in a very polite manner.

The couple on the other side didn’t have so much happening to them.

Their expressions were the same, they just accepted it and got in the car, then left-

In the car, Fu Mingyu answered a phone call and only hung up when they had already arrived home.

When he got out of the car, he held Dong Xian’s gift in one hand and stretched his other hand back.

After waiting for a long time, Ruan Sixian still didn’t grasp it.

“What’s the matter”

Fu Mingyu looked back and saw Ruan Sixian staring at the thing in his hand.

“What tonics do you need to eat when you are still so young” She gathered her scarf and walked towards the door with her head buried in her scarf.

Fu Mingyu looked at Ruan Sixian’s back, and then looked down at the thing in his hand.

He really doesn’t know where the problem is.

Isn’t the hasma quite good

After entering, Fu Mingyu casually put the thing on the table, and then took off his coat while walking towards Ruan Sixian.

“I put it on the table.”

“Oh.” Ruan Sixian passed in front of him with a drinking glass, but without looking at it much, she muttered, “When you eat things that others gave you, your mouth will be soft and when you take things from others, your hand will be short[1].

And you, you eat and also take.

It’s really soft and short.”

[1] It means: if you get the benefits from others, you will have to help others do things.


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