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He quit WeChat, searched the mailbox for a long time, and finally found the resume sent to him by his assistant.

Then he downloaded the first one, slid down to the middle, opened the picture, and handed the phone towards the center of the card table.

“See, see, don’t say that I’m only bluffing you guys.”

At the same time, several eyes were fixed on the mobile phone, and inside the box was extremely quiet for another while.

The men’s hormones were a little bit sharp because of the cigarettes’ smoke.

In this moment of amazement, Zhu Dong preemptively grabbed the mobile phone and looked at it for a while.

As if it was not enough, his two fingers were about to zoom in on the photo, but his girlfriend and Cia Yiyi already walked in together.

Before the person even said anything, Zhu Dong already threw away the mobile phone with a strong desire to survive, and yelled: “Get your cards out, guys.

Do you still want to play or not”

Yan’an rolled his eyes and was about to take back his mobile phone when it was caught by another person opposite him.

That man raised his eyebrows towards Fu Mingyu and asked, “You don’t want to come and have a look”

Fu Mingyu put one hand in his pocket.

He did not give any response but only turned away and walked towards the sofa.

The man chuckled and lowered his head to zoom in on the picture.

After looking at it for a long time, he ‘tsk’-ed twice, and said: “This is so amazing, it even looks so beautiful in uniform…By the way, among us here, who is infatuated with uniform Zhu Dong, why don’t you look at it more carefully I remember that you are infatuated with uniforms.”

His girlfriend is present, so Zhu Dong only eyed them fiercely: “Don’t talk nonsense, when did I become infatuated with uniform”

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He turned his head and passed his gaze to Fu Mingyu, a group of people followed, and there was a deliberately suppressed laughter all around.

Fu Mingyu in the center of everyone’s line of sight kept his eyes calm, bent over and pressed out the cigarette butt.

That night, Ruan Sixian was laying on the bed with a mask on, and received a request to add a friend.

Without anything indicating the intention, Ruan Sixian can only guess who this person is based on the portrait and name.

But who let a woman have a natural sixth sense Ruan Sixian only looked at it for a while and knew who it was.

Ruan Sixian sighed, and the circle of friends that has not bubbled for ten thousand years finally has new content.

[Why doesn’t the WeChat friend application system add a ‘reject’ option It’s a pity that I can’t let the other side see the bright ‘rejected’ word.

It would be better to add ‘Never accept this person’s request’.


Bo Yang, who is just brushing the circle of friends, is the first to reply.

Bo Yang: Maybe it’s to protect the other person’s self-esteem.

This kind of person, just ignore their ‘Milk Teeth’.

Ruan Sixian nodded and replied: What you said is ‘likely’ reasonable.

It seems that I am not as thoughtful as you.

WeChat is too humane.

When Bo Yang saw the comment, he didn’t hold back his smile.

His gossip heart was aroused, and wanted to type and continue to chat.

He didn’t even notice Fu Mingyu talking to him.

It wasn’t until the gaze to his side looked over with a cool look that Bo Yang sensed something was wrong, and said confidently, “Mr.

Fu, what did you just say”

The car is driving at high speed.

The neon light outside the window flashed past in the interval of bright and dark.

Fu Mingyu’s eyebrows are hanging slightly.

He is already very impatient.

It can only be said that fortunately, he did not say anything important just now, and it is rare for Bo Yang to be distracted like this.

“What are you laughing at”

Bo Yang touched his nose and said in a low voice, “It’s nothing.

I’m only looking at that female pilot’s circle of friends.

It’s very interesting.”

He thought that Fu Mingyu just asked casually, so Bo Yang answered casually too.

Unexpectedly, he asked again: “What’s the matter”

Bo Yang then handed the mobile phone for Fu Mingyu to have a look.

It’s just a glance.

But Fu Mingyu’s face turned black at the speed visible to the naked eye.

“Is it funny”

The author has something to say :

Bo Yang: It’s funny.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha wait.

Please put down the knife first.


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