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——”Let’s put it here.

If anyone becomes the boss’s wife in the future, don’t forget to give me a promotion.

Let me be the Purser first.”

——”Yeah, just by the last time you had helped me cover my shift temporarily, if I become the boss’s wife, you will immediately become the Purser.”

——”Then I would like to thank you first, but what if I am the future boss’s wife”

Ruan Sixian listened for a long time, becoming more and more confused, “Wait, why are you so excited What if the other party is an old man with a belly bigger than a pregnant woman Are you still gonna do it “

As soon as this was said, everyone was shaking with laughter.

Ruan Sixian was even more confused, “What are you laughing at”

“Oh, it seems that our Ruan Ruan really doesn’t listen to things outside of her job.

Come on, (older) sister will show you a photo.”

Jiang Ziyue hooked Ruan Sixian’s neck with one hand, took out her mobile phone with the other hand, and turned over a photo to show her.

This photo was obviously taken secretly.

Fu Mingyu, dressed in a high-end suit and a black coat, is walking towards the gate of the company’s headquarter.

He has wide shoulders and long legs, and he has great steps.

His straight back and smooth lines of legs complement the clothes that he wears.

His aura seems to penetrate the photo and catch people’s attention, which makes the characters around him disappear automatically.

Even if this photo doesn’t capture his face at all.

No wonder the flight attendants are so excited.

It’s understandable.

But just looking at it like this, Ruan Sixian completely erased the adjectives ‘approachable and kind-hearted’ in her heart.

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

These two adjectives have nothing to do with him.

The people inside joked presumptuously, completely unaware of the situation behind the closed door.

Wang Lekang, the manager of flight attendants, his face was as black as a burnt pot.

Standing next to Wang Lekang is Fu Mingyu, the protagonist of the topic.

The floor lights were bright, and the sound of hasty footsteps would occasionally reverberate in the long corridor.

So clearly audible.

But it’s not as clear as the laughter behind this door.

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The laughter was like a knife.

It pierced into Wang Lekang’s ears.

He glanced at Fu Mingyu quietly and saw that he lowered his head and flipped through the documents in his hand.

His eyes were calm, as if he had not heard the conversation inside.

But if he really didn’t hear it, why should he stay here.

The sound in the room becomes more and more presumptuous.

Wang Lekang was like having a needle on his back, wishing to rush in and stop the people inside.

However, Fu Mingyu did not show any signs.

How did he dare to make a move first.

For a moment, Fu Mingyu slowly closed the document in his hand and returned it to Wang Lekang intact.

Wang Lekang stretched out his hand to pick it up, but the document slightly stopped at the place where it was a little bit away from the palm of his hand.

“Is this the effect of your recent rectification”

This one sentence made Wang Lekang tightened his back and did not know how to respond.

Actually, this matter is really funny.

Two months ago, a ‘beautiful story’ happened in Hengshi Airlines’ international core flight.

A double cabin flight attendant accidentally spilled coffee on a VIP passenger.

This guest’s identity is not ordinary.

He is the youngest son of a major shareholder of Jiangcheng Iron and Steel Industry.

But because of this service accident, the two people not only did not have a grudge but on the contrary they got married.

A lovely relationship that came fast and enviable.

Since then, there have always been flight attendants quietly following suit, and the service ‘accident’ rate suddenly soared during that time.

Anything aside, this kind of thing was met by a small shareholder of Hengshi Airlines and he told it to Fu Mingyu as a joke.

Love between men and women can’t be stopped by external forces.

However, it is a taboo in the service industry to pursue personal desires with the convenience of work.

Therefore, at the department summary meeting that month, Fu Mingyu mentioned this matter, and Wang Lekang immediately stated that he would rectify the chaos.

Who would have known that when Wang Lekang reported his work, this kind of ‘chaos’ was encountered by Fu Mingyu.

“If they don’t want to do this job, they can always bring it up at any time.

Hengshi Airlines has never forced them to stay.”

Fu Mingyu let go of his strength, and the document finally fell into Wang Lekang’s hands.

Although it was only a few pages, it was as heavy as a catty of iron.


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