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Ruan Sixian: “VR.”

Co-pilot: “VR arrives.”

Ruan Sixian: “Raise the wheel and take off.”

Co-pilot: “Landing gear retracted.”

When the plane took off, Ruan Sixian pressed the headset, “HS5536 has left the ground.

Thank you for your command.


In the headset, the air traffic controller paused before finally came to his senses again.

This time, the plane really took off.

“Good, goodbye.”

Ruan Sixian looked up at the clouds in the sky.

In the limited life in the future, she did not want to leave even one regret at all.


On the other side, however, Captain Anderson, who hurried to the apron, saw nothing at all in sight.




Where’s his plane

Where did such a big plane that is parked over here go


The plane broke through the clouds and flew towards Yuanhu Island in the light of the sunset.

In front of the spacious cockpit window, Ruan Sixian watched the sun slowly hide into the clouds, and the light was hidden in the horizon.

It was completely dark, and the moon came up and passed her by.

The navigation lights at Yuanhu Island Airport are already faintly visible.

Ruan Sixian looked at the airport ahead and tapped her fingers on the dashboard.

Although she was still thousands of meters away from the ground, she seemed to be able to see Fu Mingyu waiting for her there.

The number on the altimeter jumped smaller and smaller.

She was carrying a worry in her heart.

The flight this time, she was looking forward to its landing.

Since having him by her side, her life always seemed to have expectations and longings everywhere.

And every time, her expectations will always become reality, no matter how big or small it is.

Half an hour later, the plane stopped at the apron of Yuanhu Island Airport.

The guests got off the plane one after another, while Ruan Sixian sat in the cockpit and looked at the night sky ahead.

The night is thick and dark like a curtain.

It seemed like it could not wait to welcome the arrival of the meteor shower tonight.

And now, she can’t wait to put on her wedding dress and show it to him.

After the whole cabin was quiet, Ruan Sixian took a deep breath and got up to leave the cockpit.

Fu Mingyu stood by the wing and looked up several times.

There was no one in the cockpit, but she was not seen at the passenger’s door either.

After the last guest stepped on the shuttle bus, the door closed and it drove away slowly.

Fu Mingyu strides towards the gangway.

And just as he stepped on the first steps, the crew that had been gathering at the door of the cabin suddenly cheered.

Fu Mingyu’s footsteps paused and he raised his head to look up.

Ruan Sixian appeared at the cabin door with her dress on.

She ran towards him.

The wedding dress was fluttering and shining under the navigation lights.

The light in Fu Mingyu’s eyes condensed, and his slightly stunned expression gradually dissipated, turning into a thoughtful smile.

He opened his arms, and as the scent hit him, Ruan Sixian already threw herself into his arms.

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Like every time she landed before, Fu Mingyu hugged her and caressed her back.

But today, he didn’t call her captain.


Fu,” he whispered, “you’ve landed safely.”


Ruan Sixian nodded heavily and raised her eyes.

It seemed that the long-awaited meteor shower had come.

It goes forward with great strength and vigor, and fills the night sky with dazzling lights.

She hugged Fu Mingyu tightly and landed steadily.

This whole life of hers.

She lost her mother in her childhood and lost her father in her early youth.

She stumbled all the way through the flowering season, groping alone to grow up.

There is no safe haven in the sky.

There is no lighthouse in the clouds.

The sky is ten thousand meters high.

She thinks that the only way to go forward is to go against the wind.

Fortunately, fortunately.

I finally landed safely in your heart.

——-End of The Main Story——-


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