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Fu Mingyu put his arm on Ruan Sixian’s shoulder.

Suddenly, he thought of something and turned to look at her: “Have you ever seen a meteor shower”

Ruan Sixian poked her fingers and said casually: “I’ve only seen thunderstorms.”

“On October 22 this year, the Orionid meteor shower coincided with the orbit of Halley’s Comet.

It can be seen from here.

Do you want to come”

“Is, is it in October” Although Ruan Sixian’s face was calm, her eyes seemed to be full of meteors, “Then, I will come if I have the time.”

Fu Mingyu said okay.

How could there be no time Isn’t it just a matter of one word from him

The plane returned at 7 p.m.

and Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu left for the airport at 4:30.

When leaving here, Ruan Sixian turned her head to look at the sky, and suddenly said: “What about coming here to take wedding pictures that day too”

He didn’t know that since he said ‘hundreds of thousands of meteors’, Ruan Sixian’s mind was full of that image, and she still thinks about it until now.

“Huh” Fu Mingyu was amused by her sudden thought.

The two have been thinking about where to take their wedding pictures for several months.

Ruan Sixian kept changing her ideas of going to Greece, North Africa and Switzerland for several days.

Her thoughts come and go, but it never settles.

“Not in a place farther away anymore”

“Just here will do.” Ruan Sixian looked out of the window with longing, “If there is a meteor shower as the background, it will be a rare opportunity.”

Fu Mingyu nodded, “Okay.”

Once the decision is made to take wedding pictures in China, the whole process becomes much simpler.

Only the wedding dress’ time is a little tight.

The production cycle, which was originally scheduled to be completed in November, was also advanced because of the upcoming meteor shower.

On October 20, Helan Xiang personally brought it back from Paris.

This wedding dress does not have a skirt that is large enough to be dragged around.

The subtlety lies in the tailoring that complements the body curve of its owner.

The most ingenious thing is that it looks snow-white at first glance, but the special silk thread is secretly tailored to create golden fine lines that can glow under low light.

Even at night, it is flowing and shining so brilliantly.

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When she saw the finished product, Ruan Sixian could only sigh infinitely in her heart.

This is a unique wedding dress in the world and it only belongs to her.

If she has a meteor shower as the background of her wedding pictures, everything will be perfect.

On October 21st, Ruan Sixian took a four-day vacation, but she was not idle.

She originally planned to go to Yuanhu Island with Fu Mingyu to resettle in advance, but He Lanxiang insisted that Fu Mingyu go alone.

She had to take Ruan Sixian to rush around the beauty salon, taking care of her from face to toe, even the hair was not let go, and strive to achieve the most perfect state in front of the camera.

After Ruan Sixian thought about it, she feels that it indeed should be so.

Who told Zheng You’an to take the initiative to become the photographer this time She will never forget her fear of being dominated by Zheng You’an and she will definitely never show any flaws on her body to be tortured by Zheng You’an.

Naturally, Fu Mingyu didn’t want to be involved in beauty matters.

It happens that he has something to do that day and has to go to the city next to Yuanhu island.

The two sides acted separately and were busy until the afternoon of the 21st.

Everything was ready, just waiting for nature to give them a meteor shower tomorrow.

However, on that afternoon, Ruan Sixian received a phone call from Fu Mingyu and learned the news that she didn’t know whether it was bad or good.

This year’s Orionid meteor shower is ahead of schedule, and it is happening tonight!

Ruan Sixian almost jumped off the sofa.


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