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[Zhu Dong]:

[Zhu Dong]: Yan’an, you are a bit unkind.

[Ji Yan]: How do you know what his wife is doing

[Ji Yan]: Do you treat An’an as air

[Yan’an]: Are you sick

[Yan’an]: Didn’t you see his wife’s circle of friends She posted her first flight as the captain and even sent the picture out early in the morning.

Zhu Dong and Ji Yan both clicked into the circle of friends to take a look at it, but the first post they saw there was from their good friend.

‘My wife took me on a self-driving tour’.

The accompanying picture is the iconic wing which is very characteristic to the ACJ30.


The group was silent for a few seconds.

[Zhu Dong]: …

[Ji Yan]: No, is that how you use the term ‘self-driving tour’, President Fu

[Yan’an]: President Fu is awesome.

Flying over in the morning and flying back in the evening can also be called a self-driving tour.

What about your half day trip to the airport then

[Fu Mingyu]: Do you have an objection

[Zhu Dong]: No objection.

Who let my wife can’t fly a plane.

[Ji Yan]: No objection.

Who let me have no plane nor a wife.

[Yan’an]: You eat a soft meal but still feel proud of it.

The plane began to move forward, and there was a slight tremor.

Fu Mingyu turned off his mobile phone and didn’t answer those people any more.

He can’t see the situation in the cockpit, but he can, through his experience, know the situation in the cockpit very well, and there are even sounds in his ears.

——Section 80, check.

——V1, check.

——V2, check.

——VR, check.

——Raise the wheel.

——Take off.

——HS5286 has left the ground.

Thank you for your command.


At the moment when the plane took off, Fu Mingyu looked at the cockpit door and the image of Ruan Sixian talking with the air traffic controller while wearing a headset appeared in his mind.

It coincided with the picture in his memory, where she raised her head with a clear and firm look in her eyes, which he would never forget.

He turned the ring on his ring finger, and his eyes shining slightly.

For Ruan Sixian, this ring means a home.

For him, it means that every day in the future, he will protect and escort her under the bright light.

Half an hour later, the cabin lights were turned on, and the flight attendants left their seats and got busy.

The passengers in the cabins, some were playing with their tablets, some continued to doze off, and some of them had already unfastened their seat belts and walked towards the bathroom.

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Suddenly, a voice sounded on the radio.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I am Ruan Sixian, the captain of this flight.

On behalf of all the crew, I welcome you in Hengshi Airlines flight number 5286 to Yuanhu Island.

The flight time is estimated to be three hours and forty minutes.

The weather on the route is cloudy and the flight is expected to be slightly bumpy.

Please don’t worry and fasten your seat belt in your seat.”

Most of the passengers heard the female voice broadcast for the first time on the plane.

It was as clear and clean as the sound of jade.

They all raised their heads and were unconsciously attracted by the broadcast.

“Today is my first flight as a captain.

It is my great honor to spend this flight time with you all.”

“I am also very grateful to all of you, especially Mr.

Fu in seat A01, for accompanying me to witness important milestones in my life.”

After the broadcast was turned off, someone in the cabin started to talk about it.

“Ruan Sixian Is it that ‘Ruan Sixian’”

“Nonsense, how many Ruan Sixian can Hengshi Airlines have”

“F*ck, are we on Ruan Sixian’s flight today”

“I always thought she was a captain.

It turned out that she had just become the captain today.”

“What kind of eyes do you have, huh It was clearly written on the news last year that she is the co-pilot!”

“My God, what kind of immortal luck do I have! I am going to post it to Weibo when I land!”


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