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But he was stubborn and generous.

He still wanted to give Ruan Sixian a Michelin 3-star dessert when she landed.

After the decompression cycle of the landing, Ren Xu endured the tumbling in his stomach and set the metal fatigue fracture of the engine blades up, which led to the disassembly of the engine and the failure of the hydraulic system.

Under such circumstances, Ruan Sixian’s partner seems to have seen a red blood color in front of them——A crash warning.

However, Ruan Sixian didn’t even know how she struggled with the aircraft for nearly 20 minutes with her stomach tumbling violently.

When the ground slowly appeared in the field of vision, she almost relied on the instinctive reaction of her body function to control the stance stick.

With a banging sound, she couldn’t even clearly distinguish whether the shock was a landing sound or a crash sound.

When everything was finally quiet, she heard the sound of vomiting coming from the back of the right side, like a sharp blade irritating the nerves in her brain.

The light outside the simulated cabin is so dazzling that she can’t see anything at all.

This was the only feeling she had when she came out.

Immediately after a blurriness in front of her eyes, her limbs lost consciousness and she fell to the ground.

However, the expected sense of ground impact did not hit her.

Before losing consciousness, she smelled a familiar smell of fir.

It’s over.

I am over.

This was her last consciousness.

The light and shadow of the setting sun slipped quietly from the center of the room to the corner of the wall.

In the chaos, Ruan Sixian heard the voice of someone talking.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

What entered her eyes was a whole piece of white.

As her consciousness slowly returned, her vision became clear.

Fu Mingyu was talking to the nurse, but suddenly turned around as if feeling something, and saw Ruan Sixian opening her eyes in confusion.

He walked to the hospital bed and leaned over to touch her forehead.


Ruan Sixian didn’t respond.

She didn’t even turn her eyes.

“What happened to me”

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“You fainted.”

Ruan Sixian’s heart skipped a beat.

It’s really over.

On the other hand, Fu Mingyu’s expression was not so heavy.

He brushed away the scattered hair around Ruan Sixian’s neck to make her feel more comfortable.

“What did you have for lunch today”

“I……” Ruan Sixian couldn’t even use her brain.

She only answered questions like a robot, “Ni Tong gave me a share of her lunch box.

Her mom brought it to her.”

Fu Mingyu: “Well, don’t rub other people’s meals anymore in the future.”

Ruan Sixian stared at him without blinking.

And then Fu Mingyu turned around calmly before walking towards the cabinet.

“Don’t go.” Ruan Sixian raised her hand.

“Did I… crash”

“You just fainted because you ate too little at lunch.

It has nothing to do with the exam.”

He spoke quietly.


Ruan Sixian was a little confused, “What”

“You didn’t crash.”

Fu Mingyu turned around while holding something in his hand, “You passed.”

There was silence in the ward and Ruan Sixian stared blankly at Fu Mingyu walking towards her.

He raised his hand and removed the three-striped epaulet from her uniform.

Then personally put on a new epaulet for her.

He stroked his fingers gently over the fourth strip and smiled.

“Congratulations, Captain Ruan.”

“Attention to passengers traveling from Jiangcheng to Yuanhu Island: your flight HS5286 is now boarding.

Please take your belongings with you, show your boarding pass, and board plane 17 from Gate 11.

Have a pleasant journey.

Thank you!”

The sound of the broadcast echoed in the terminal building of Jiangcheng International Airport, and a long line slowly formed in front of Gate 11.

In the corridor bridge, the first-class passengers have already boarded first.

Ruan Sixian stood at the front of the crew, straightened her neckline, raised her chin and looked at the corridor bridge from a distance.


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