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Ruan Sixian naturally pushed this issue to Fu Mingyu.

“There’s no need to hurry.” Fu Mingyu said, “She wants to wait until next year when she becomes a captain.”


Helan Xiang was just stunned for a moment, and then quickly responded again, “That makes sense.

It’s F3 now, isn’t it It’s really a busy time.

Things like weddings should be well prepared and shouldn’t be done hastily.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime matter.”

Furthermore, Fu Mingyu also did another thing.

At the end of September, Ruan Sixian took a quarterly vacation.

Fu Mingyu took her to the Paris handicraft workshop of the D family to tailor her wedding dress.

A piece of high-level customization needs the painstaking efforts of countless designers and craftsmen, and the price is naturally very impressive too.

It seems that every floating golden thread and dark starlight on the design drawing are all shouting ‘I am very expensive, I am very expensive!’

Before seeing the finished product, Ruan Sixian was already dizzy.

“This will take a very long time, right”

When they boarded the return flight, Ruan Sixian’s mind was still full of the wedding dress’ design.

“When can I see the finished product”

Fu Mingyu was lying on the seat halfway, and said with a smile: “Are you in a hurry to marry me or in a hurry to wear this wedding dress”

Isn’t this just asking a nonsense question

“Is there any difference”

Fu Mingyu turned to look at her with a shallow smile.

“Don’t be anxious.

It will indeed take a long time, but it’s worth it.”

He reached out and brushed her hair.

“You will have what others have too.

I won’t let you envy anyone.”

Afterwards, Ruan Sixian realized that Fu Mingyu was talking about Zheng You’an’s dress.

She lowered her head and hooked Fu Mingyu’s neckline with her fingers.

“Who said I am envious of others Don’t talk nonsense.”

The wedding dress is far away in Paris.

It is sewn carefully stitch by stitch and shaped little by little.

Time also passes slowly with the shuttle of needle and thread.

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This year, Ruan Sixian’s life has been very busy and fulfilling.

After passing the F3 test, she also obtained the license for the high-altitude flight route.

After going through the stage of the left co-pilot seat, she finally got the notice for the test in the middle of July.

It took a few days to complete the theory test, then going through the retraining, and after the physical examination, Ruan Sixian faced the final simulation cabin test.

Before that, she had seen the name of her ground instructor.

Ren Xu.

If Helan Feng is a natural nightmare for pilots, then Ren Xu is a disaster on the ground.

This instructor has always been famous for being abnormal.

He was nicknamed ‘Burger King’ because he was especially good at stacking multiple faults like hamburgers in the simulation cabin test.

Although the training of the simulation cabin is indeed to train the pilot’s response ability to deal with various sudden accidents, he is too fierce.

If they really encounter the accidents in mid-air and have to deal with it according to his fault setup method, the plane will disintegrate directly instead.

As a result, the passing rate of the examination under his command was horribly low.

In the past two years, some people have even tried crooked ways, such as stuffing red envelopes or something.

The result was that they couldn’t even enter the simulation cabin.

Therefore, when others knew that Ruan Sixian’s instructor for the test this time was this person, they all cast distressed looks at her and even faintly hinted to her that she could ask Fu Mingyu for help.

Ruan Sixian held her head high at that time.

“I will never.”

Everyone’s eyes turned into admiration.

The wife of the prospective president is really ambitious.

In fact, ambition is only part of the reason.

Another part of the reason is that Fu Mingyu has been relatively idle recently and has a bit of energy.

If she opens her mouth, the price she has to pay may be unbearable for her.


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