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He lowered his eyes and looked at the person in his arms through the moonlight.

Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was long.

Her pretending to be asleep looked really real, but her eyelashes were trembling slightly.

“Which man did you dream of” Fu Mingyu asked in a low voice above her head, “Mrs.


There was heavy rain in the afternoon of Zheng You’an and Yan’an’s engagement banquet.

In the evening, the rain stopped and the setting sun showed its face instead, and the golden clouds were surging in the sky.

The car that Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian were sitting in slowly stopped at the entrance of the banquet hall of Warner Manor.

After they got out of the car, they looked back and saw a car approaching at close range.

Fu Mingyu raised his chin and pulled Ruan Sixian back a step.

“Let’s wait for them.”

Ruan Sixian held Fu Mingyu’s arm and looked over there.

It is Helan Xiang and Fu Chengyu who came down from this car.

Ruan Sixian and Fu Chengyu basically had very little contact with each other since they met in a hurry at the airport on New Year’s Eve.

According to Fu Mingyu, he was focusing on taking over Hengshi Airline’s financial leasing company since he came back.

He and Fu Mingyu had a clear division of labor, so there was no power struggle as rumored by others.

But because of this, he almost never appeared in Hengshi Airline’s Building.

During this period, Helan Xiang invited Ruan Sixian to have dinner at Huguang Mansion.

When she arrived, Fu Chengyu was leaving.

Fuchengyu looked at Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu, and then said: “When are you going to move out completely I’ve been interested in your study room for a long time already.”

Fu Mingyu: “Anytime.”

When Helan Xiang, who is on the back, heard this, she raised her eyebrows and sneered.

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It is said that the married daughter is like the poured out water, then the son whose soul has been hooked is just like the water that rushes straight to the sea and never returns.

It is a scene filled with the gathering of wealthy people and dignitaries.

Zheng You’an, who was wearing a long golden dress, was very conspicuous.

When she moves, the hem of her skirt flashes brilliantly and it instantly grabs everyone’s attention.

And Yan’an, whose arm she was holding, wore a black formal suit.

The two really somewhat looked alike.

“Today’s President Yan is very handsome.”

Ruan Sixian said in a low voice.

“Why” Fu Mingyu looked at her sideways and said: “Do you regret it”

Ruan Sixian looked straight at them, and said without changing her face: “Even if I regret it, I don’t have a chance anymore.”

Fu Mingyu chuckled: “You are not allowed even if you have a chance.”

Ruan Sixian’s eyes fell on Zheng You’an’s skirt again.

Although it was the second time she saw this dress, she couldn’t help but be amazed.

Who doesn’t love something that is so sparkly like this.

Besides, it is also so low-key and luxurious.

She sighed softly.

“The dress looks really beautiful under the light.”

Fu Mingyu took her shoulder and walked aside.

“It’s just okay.”

While they were talking, Zheng You’an and Yan’an came over with their parents.

Helan Xiang had just looked at the couple over there in silence, but at this moment, her face instantly changed.

“Congratulations, Mrs.


Look at how good of a match this couple is.”

Just after that, Yan’an accidentally stepped on Zheng You’an’s skirt.

She stumbled and almost fell down.

After being supported by Yan’an, she said with a faint smile: “Be careful, my dear.

This dress is really uncomfortable, right”

Yan’an: “….”

The face of Dong Xian, who is on the side, changed slightly.

Fortunately, the people on Helan Xiang’s side knew their situation well and praised the superficial appearance they had created very much.

They just pretend that the two were in love and it was a matter of course for them to finally be together.

“Slower, slower.

Yan’an, quickly help your fiancee.”

Needless for others to say anything, Zheng You’an’s hand was already in Yan’an’s palm, and the pigeon-egg sized diamond flashes its light through the scene.

Helan Xiang glanced at the ring and said with a smile: “This ring is really thoughtful.”


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