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Ruan Sixian suddenly opened her mouth, looked up and looked around, before she  suddenly pushed Fu Mingyu away and ran to the room.

“What are you running for”

When Fu Mingyu chased after her, the door slammed shut, blocking him out.

“What are you doing”

Fu Mingyu knocked on the door and said, “Come out.”

A voice came from the room: “Don’t say anything!”

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… ten minutes had passed.

Fu Mingyu leaned against the door and heard a slight noise inside, and occasionally there was the sound of walking away, but he had no idea what she was doing.

In the hot and dry afternoon, when the air conditioner was not turned on, there was a rush of heat, but he cautiously said: “Actually, what are you doing”

“I told you to wait for a moment!”

The noon sunlight penetrated into the room, casting a mottled shadow on the ground through the leaves that were swaying gently with the wind.

Fu Mingyu paced back and forth a few steps in the living room, raised his hand to loosen his tie, then raised his neck and let out a breath.

He looked towards the room, but the person inside still hadn’t come out.

The mobile phone rang a few times.

It was a call from a friend.

Fu Mingyu glanced at it, hung up the phone and threw away the mobile phone.

Then he took a few more steps, and untied the button of his neckline before letting out a sigh of relief again.

The clock in the living room was ticking, the windows were open, and gusts of hot wind blew in, making breathing a little tight.

He even began to wonder about her thoughts, wondering if he was taking this step too fast.

He doesn’t know how long the time has passed.

Holding the diamond ring that was not worn, Fu Mingyu walked back and forth in the small living room for several times.

He frowned at the door of her room, and then paused.

He quickly took big steps over and knocked on the door with some force.

“Open the door!”

The door did not move.

Fu Mingyu put the tip of his tongue against the inner wall of his mouth, and stared at the door for a few seconds.

Then he raised his hand and said at the same time: “Ruan Sixian, you——”

The door suddenly opened inward, and Fu Mingyu’s raised hand fell into the air.

The light in his pupil was like the center of a vortex in the sea, but the moment he saw her, it suddenly spread out silently before flowing quietly in his eyes.

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Ruan Sixian held the door with her hands, and her white streamer skirt softly pressed against her skin, outlining the curves of her graceful figure.

The wind seemed to stop suddenly, and lay quietly on Ruan Sixian’s shoulder, brushing the hair on her cheek.

She hid in the room and spent an hour sitting in front of the mirror, carefully dressing up and putting on her new dress.

It may seem superfluous to others, but when she thinks that in the future, every time she recalls today, she looks the most beautiful.

She looked up at Fu Mingyu and let his eyes linger on her.

“Let’s do it again.

The one just now, it doesn’t count.”

Fu Mingyu kept lowering his eyes to look at her, with dark undercurrents surging in his eyes.

“Hmm Do what again”

“Hurry up.” Ruan Sixian reached out and gently tugged at his tie.

“Do it again.”

Fu Mingyu leaned over and approached her, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and kissed her slowly.

“What are you doing” Ruan Sixian put her hand on his chest and pushed out, “I didn’t mean this one!”

But the man in front of her didn’t listen at all.

He held the back of her neck and went deeper step by step.

“Don’t try to muddle through!”

Ruan Sixian continued to push him, but was held tightly by him.

She stretched out her foot to kick him, but was straddled across against the door instead and couldn’t move at all.

Cicadas and insects chirped one after another, and together with the sound of his breathing, they entered Ruan Sixian’s ears, sometimes sounded far and sometimes sounded near.

This afternoon was as illusory as a dream, and his kiss was more real than ever before.

It had nothing to do with lust, but only his expression of devotion.


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