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Zheng You’an retreated again silently.

“Forget it.”

Ruan Sixian was silent for a long time and only said ‘forget it’.

When the secrets belonging to her parents were revealed, she was a little surprised, but it was not so difficult to accept.

After all, she knew that her father was somewhat a male chauvinist in actuality.

And she can even understand Dong Xian’s choice now.

But so what

The consequences of these choices should not be borne by her.

“What is there to make up for”

Ruan Sixian shrugged her shoulders, “When I was a teenager, all I needed was a doll, a floral dress, and a pair of small leather shoes.

Do you want to compensate it for me now It’s pointless.

I don’t need it anymore now.”

Dong Xian closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “Ruan Ruan, we are mother and daughter after all.”

“I know and I don’t deny this.

You are still my mom, and it won’t change at all in my whole life.

Moreover, I understand your choice now, but feelings need to be nurtured.

You didn’t accompany me when I needed it most.

Now that I have grown up, I can do everything and buy everything by myself.

I even have a boyfriend now and he is my biggest dependence.”

Seeing that Dong Xian didn’t quite understand it, Ruan Sixian explained it word for word, “In other words, your compensation now is of no importance to me, so it doesn’t mean much.

There are people that we can get close to and there are also some that we can’t.

Me and you belong to a mother and daughter who have a colder relationship, but I will still call you mom.

If you need it, when I get married and have children, whatever identity you shall have, it will never change too.”

“But if you want to deliberately cut and polish it, then there’s no need.

It’s very tiring.”

When she came out, the driver was still waiting for her at the door, helped her put her things in the trunk, and then opened the car door for her.

When Ruan Sixian stood on the side of the road, she did not rush into the car either.

She recalled what she had said to Dong Xian today.

It seemed that a thorn in her heart had finally been pulled out and she felt relieved, but it was also a little painful.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that she would subconsciously say ‘I even have a boyfriend now and he is my biggest dependence’.

It’s fine when she doesn’t think about it, but once she thinks about it, she feels that she misses him so much.

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At this moment, the mobile phone rang.

Ruan Sixian took it out and took a look.

A few hours had passed when Fu Mingyu replied to her with three words.

“It looks good.”

It was so indifferent, as if only perfunctory.

“I am really so mad.”

Ruan Sixian hadn’t eaten in the morning so her stomach was empty, and when the wind blew, she felt like a girl with a glass heart.

As she walked to the car, she called Fu Mingyu.

After two beeps, the other party picked it up quickly.

“When will you be back!”

Ruan Sixian stepped into the car, “Your girlfriend is dying of starvation on the side of the road!”

“Miss me”

“Yeah.” Ruan Sixian held the car door and said angrily, “I miss you.

Can you come back soon”


“Then you——” Ruan Sixian said halfway and stopped suddenly.

She felt that the voice was not coming only from the phone, but seemed to be very close to her.

The wind stopped, but there was a familiar smell of fir slowly floating around.

Ruan Sixian was standing beside the car door and was hugged from behind.

“Well, I am back.”

Hearing his voice, Ruan Sixian’s senses still somewhat couldn’t return.

She didn’t turn back, for fear that she would find herself having a hallucination as soon as she turned around.

But the temperature of his body came directly from behind her.

In the end, she turned around, looked at him without blinking, and reached out to pinch his thigh.


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