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Ruan Sixian didn’t even want semi-customized clothes.

It was easy and convenient to buy ready-made clothes directly, but Helan Xiang strongly recommended this one to her.

She couldn’t refuse.

She spare some time out of her schedule to come and choose one.

It happened that today the finished product was delivered, so they asked her to try it on.

After all, it’s someone else’s engagement banquet and it’s not good for the guest to take the lead instead.

What Ruan Sixian chose in the end was a Pearl White fishtail skirt with suspenders.

The style is very simple and fits her figure.

She has no extra requirements either.

She took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Fu Mingyu.

‘Does it look good’

After waiting for two minutes, Fu Mingyu still didn’t reply, and then Ruan Sixian just ignored it.

He was still in Dubai when she called him yesterday morning.

He didn’t sleep late at night, so he should be making up for his sleep now.

While waiting for the dress to be packaged in the store, the waiter took Ruan Sixian to look at other styles.

Anyway, she was also idle.

So Ruan Sixian followed her up the second floor to look at the new styles in the cupboard.

But as soon as she went up the stairs, she heard several familiar voices.

When her vision widened, she saw that the people standing in front of a large mirror were indeed Zheng You’an and Dong Xian.

Zheng You’an was wearing a light golden long dress with fine rhinestones on the skirt.

When she moved, the skirt would shine brilliantly.

Dong Xian was busy beside her, saying that her waist should be tightened a little more, and then said that her shoulders were too tight.

She is even not that satisfied with the matching lace gloves.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zheng You’an said, “It’s just a meaning anyway.”

“No.” Dong Xian asked someone to re-measure the size, “How can a once-in-a-lifetime engagement be so casual.”

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Zheng You’an lowered her head and straightened her gloves, and muttered: “Who knows if it will be the only time.”

Dong Xian’s face changed, the words were stuck in her throat, and her tone changed.

“An An, your father and I… we feel very sorry for you.”

They didn’t notice that there’s someone behind them so their voices were not small at all, and Ruan Sixian could hear them clearly.

She frowned.

She’s not the only one you’re sorry for.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for.” Zheng You’an was tired from standing so she lifted her skirt and sat down on the sofa, then patted the seat next to her.

“I have to sacrifice something for this family too.

Besides, Brother Yan’an is also quite good.

His family is rich, he has a handsome appearance, and he is also still young.

You can see it yourself too that within the range of choices that we have, he is the best option, right”

Seeing that Dong Xian doesn’t want to sit down, Zheng You’an lowered her head to adjust the hem of her skirt and said to herself, “If I get divorced, I can still get a lot of money, and our family should already be fine by then.

After that, I will marry a good-looking young man.

I don’t want a rich one, only one that listens to me.”

Dong Xian took a deep breath, hugged Zheng You’an, and let her head rest on her shoulder.

“It’s okay, if he treats you badly, you can still go home.”

Ruan Sixian looked behind her for a while and felt a little bored.

This scene made her feel very distressed.

If she goes over, she will just be an outsider who disturbed the harmony of others.

Just before she turned around, Zheng You’an saw her figure in the mirror.

“You are here, too”

When Zheng You’an opened her mouth, Dong Xian also looked back.

“Yeah.” Ruan Sixian had to walk forward again, “I am here to get my clothes.”

Zheng You’an looked back at Dong Xian, and then looked at Ruan Sixian again.

Suddenly, she lifted her skirt and said: “This dress is too tiring.

I will change it first.”

She went to the dressing room while Dong Xian stared straight at Ruan Sixian.

Since the last time they met at Ruan Sixian’s home, from winter to summer, the two have not seen each other for more than half a year already.

The waiter brought a cup of hot tea to Ruan Sixian and put it on the table.


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