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“Yes, it’s Si Xiaozhen.

We know each other.

I went to Huafei together with her before, but she didn’t pass the assessment in the Flight Academy afterwards.

She changed her career and became a Dispatcher.

“Well, the Dispatcher is also good, the ground captain.”

After talking about this, Yan’an found that he seemed to have delayed Ruan Sixian a lot of time, so he got up and said goodbye, “Then, you go on, I still have something to do.

I’ll go first.”

Ruan Sixian nodded, got up and went to another equipment.

Yan’an turned back again and said, “By the way, let’s add a WeChat.

Although we can’t be colleagues, we can still be friends.”

The two have been talking back and forth for several days.

Naturally, Ruan Sixian would not refuse.

She told him her mobile phone number that could be found on WeChat, and Yan’an left with a smile.

But Yan’an had chatted with Ruan Sixian for a while here, which will directly lead to his late arrival at his friend’s party.

But it doesn’t matter much.

Anyway, it’s all friends gathering.

It’s not a big deal.

It’s just a coincidence that several of them are free today.

In the top-level room of Warner Manor in the western suburb of Jiangcheng, there is only a light yellow lantern on the suspended ceiling, which absorbs and dissipates most of the rising white smoke in the room.

The special carved screen also has the same function, so most of the men in this room are holding cigarettes in their hands, but there’s no choking smell at all.

When Yan’an opened the door, the first thing that caught his eye was a table of poker players, and he said, “I feel good today.

Someone has to stand up and let me play.”

Someone on the card table looked up at him.

“You are late but still dare to say that.

Step aside.”

Yan’an laughs idly and goes around the screen to find the bathroom.

There were still several people sitting on the sofa, men and women, but Yan’an saw Fu Mingyu sitting in the middle in just a glance.

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“Oh, the sun is coming out from the West today, for President Fu, who is a very busy big guy, to also come here”

The light behind the screen was dim.

Fu Mingyu, with a cigarette in his mouth, was leaning over to get the lighter on the table.

He paused for a moment when he heard the words, raised his jaw and glanced at Yan’an unintentionally.

At this time, the woman next to him cleverly pressed the lighter and leaned forward to send the jumping flame to Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu took a look at her.

His eyes were the same as those of Yan’an, without any emotion.

The woman looked at Fu Mingyu nervously, her hand trembled, and the flames flickered slightly.

In the end, he tilted his head and inhaled gently.

The cigarette butt lit up with a red flame.

As he inhaled, it gradually spread and became brighter and brighter, looking like it was illuminating his whole face.

It also illuminates the woman’s eyes, and her face was full of smiles.

But the next second, Fu Mingyu put the cigarette beside the ashtray while spitting out the curl of white smoke.

The cigarette just went out there little by little.

Yan’an came out of the bathroom and found a seat right next to Fu Mingyu.

He looked at the woman next to Fu Mingyu and said, “Oh, President Fu’s girlfriend”

Fu Mingyu turned his back to the woman and gave Yan’an a look.

Yan’an didn’t respond for a long time.

After taking two glances at the woman, he then had a realization.

Chances are, Fu Mingyu was saying, ‘Do you think I have the same taste as you, liking a plastic surgery one’

This is an insult.

However, Yan’an thinks that he, himself, must have made some progress recently.

Just by the side of the card table, Zhu Dong’s girlfriend pointed to Yan’an and said, “Don’t talk nonsense.

She is my friend who stopped by to join the play today.

By the way, the introduction first.

She is Xia Yiyi.

You know her, right “

When that sister-in-law said that, there were people around them who chuckled.


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