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“Are you hiding a woman” Ruan Sixian raised her hand and was ready to knock directly at the door.

“Then I will give you five seconds.

One, two, three——”

The door in front of her was suddenly opened, Ruan Sixian’s hand was hanging in the air, and her eyes directly met Fu Mingyu’s eyes.


Where’s the ecstasy she imagined

What about the expected delight beyond measure

Why doesn’t he show any expression

Not happy

Not a pleasant surprise

Fu Mingyu just looked at her like that, his eyes dark and unclear, and the corners of his mouth pursed tightly.

Ruan Sixian frowned and was about to speak, but he suddenly grabbed her arm and she was pulled into the room.

She grabbed the suitcase with her other hand tightly and it hit the wall, making a banging sound several times.

With the sound of the door being slammed shut, everything happened between the lightning and flint.

Before she could stand firmly, she had been pressed against the door by Fu Mingyu and was kissed hard by him.

Today, he is not gentle at all.

He is strong and domineering.

Even his palm that holds her was as if he was going to break her waist.

The breath is swept away little by little, and the limbs cannot be relaxed, but become more and more tense.

Ruan Sixian squeezed his shirt with both hands, and every breath was swallowed up.

Only the muffled hum wandered around in her nose, ambiguous and wet.

“Um…” She pinched Fu Mingyu’s shoulder with her fingertips, and it took some effort for her voice to come out from between their lips and teeth, “My feet hurt.”

After she finished speaking, she suddenly soared into the air.

She was picked up by Fu Mingyu, then he turned around and put her on the table.

Before she could catch her breath, he leaned over again with both of his hands on the table.

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The air conditioner in the room was turned on very low, the table was cold, and the coolness swept up against Ruan Sixian’s thigh, intertwined with Fu Mingyu’s burning and lingering breath, which soon took Ruan Sixian’s strength away.

The shadow of the setting sun slipped away from the room.

When Ruan Sixian’s consciousness was about to sink, she suddenly ran Fu Mingyu’s hand down her calf and took off her shoes.

A pair of exquisite stilettos were casually thrown on the carpet, which brought out a sensual taste to the charming atmosphere of the whole room.

After an unknown time later, when the sunlight had all dissipated, and the dim dim light was half hidden in the room, there was finally a little peace and stability.

In the end, Fu Mingyu contained Ruan Sixian’s lips, put his arms under the bend of her legs, and sat down on the sofa with her in his arms.

But Ruan Sixian wanted to swear instead.

Half lying in Fu Mingyu’s arms, she was barefoot and her skirt was spread out in a mess.

The hair she had specially groomed before entering the door was completely scattered, and even her newly bought lipstick was completely eaten.

However, Fu Mingyu slowly wiped off the lipstick on his mouth with his thumb.

With this kind of look, those who know understand that she came to visit her boyfriend, but those who don’t know will think that she had just been abused in a foreign country.

She raised her eyes to look at Fu Mingyu, and there was still a layer of misty water vapor in her eyes.


Fu Mingyu stretched out his hand and rubbed her ankle while he hummed a response.

Ruan Sixian kicked her legs, “Is this how you greet me”

“Huh” Fu Mingyu looked down at her.

“I think you enjoy it, too.”



Ruan Sixian snorted dully.

In her imagination, when she suddenly appeared from a far away place, he should hold her who flies over with open arms and embrace her in the sunset, with her skirt like a flying butterfly.

——This kind of literary love movie.

However, she was pressed by the door without saying a word at all and staged an island love film instead.

——That kind of prelude.

“Why did you come all of a sudden”

Fu Mingyu asked in a low voice as he rubbed her ankle.


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