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LOMH Chapter 73.7

“Well, I just came out of the laboratory.

That…” He took a bottle of mineral water and confirmed once again that there was no one beside Ruan Sixian, “why are you alone”

It’s really weird for a girl, all the more when the girl is not single anymore, to watch a movie alone in the early morning.

Could it be that they had broken up

At this time, the ticket inspector reminded that the movie was about to start.

Ruan Sixian stood up and walked towards the movie hall while saying: “My boyfriend is abroad.”

Xie Yu nodded and walked into the movie hall with Ruan Sixian without saying anything along the way.

There were advertisements in the movie hall.

Although no one was there, Ruan Sixian habitually hunched over to find her seat.

After sitting down, she raised her head and met Xie Yu’s eyes next to her.

“You sit here, too”

Xie Yu half bent over and before he sat down, he glanced at the ticket in his hand and made sure he wasn’t in the wrong place.

“What a coincidence.”

Ruan Sixian nodded and didn’t speak again.

It wasn’t until halfway through the movie that Xie Yu suddenly remembered something, “Are you going back to school for the September celebration”

“Ah” Ruan Sixian swallowed the popcorn in her mouth.

“What did you say”

Xie Yu leaned closer, “September school celebration, have you forgotten This year is the 110th anniversary.”

“I was really busy and forgot about it.” Ruan Sixian then asked, “Why”


I am just asking if you are going, but I guess you are not free either.”

Ruan Sixian smiled and said in a low voice: “I don’t even know if I am free.

After all, I am not a regular nine-to-five worker.”

In the back row of the movie hall, Yan’an straightened the seat back, twisted his neck and suddenly fixed his gaze.

He patted Zheng You’an, who was drowsy next to him.

“Wake up.”

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Zheng You’an waved his hand away and moved aside.

Yan’an patted her twice again, “Look at the front one.

Is it Ruan Sixian”

In a daze, Zheng You’an only noticed the words ‘Ruan Sixian’.

She opened her eyes and said lazily: “Brother Yan’an, isn’t it inappropriate for you to mention Ruan Sixian in front of me at this time”

“That’s not it.” Yan’an pointed to the front, “Do you think that’s her”

Zheng You’an sat up slowly and looked in the direction of his fingers.


Near noon, Fu Mingyu finally had time to take out his mobile phone and have a look.

Two hours ago, Yan’an sent him several messages.

One of them is a dark picture in the movie hall.

[Yan’an]: Is this your girlfriend

[Yan’an]: Brother, in my opinion, you should go wash your hair and see if there is some color washed off from your head in the water

Fu Mingyu opened the picture, glanced at it, and then put the mobile phone aside.

Singapore is close to the equator and has a tropical rainforest climate.

It has a long summer and no winter all year round.

May to July are the hottest months of the year.

It is hot and humid, making people irritated.

After lunch, Fu Mingyu picked up his mobile phone again, glanced at it and raised his eyebrows.

If he remembers correctly, Ruan Sixian should be taking the exam this morning.

But the person in the picture is indeed her, and the man next to her, the impression he had about the other party is not shallow either.

However, until this time, his girlfriend hadn’t sent him a message too.

Fu Mingyu returned to the office, leaned back on his chair and forwarded the picture to Ruan Sixian.

[Fu Mingyu]: Girl, your brother changed very quickly.

Two minutes later.

[Ruan Sixian]:

[Ruan Sixian]: ! ! !

[Ruan Sixian]: Good deeds and bad deeds are all indeed accounted for!

Fu Mingyu raised his eyebrows slightly and turned the pen between his fingers.

[Fu Mingyu]: Oh


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