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Until she got home, Ruan Sixian still had some unreal feelings.

Fu Mingyu went directly into the kitchen, while Ruan Sixian followed without even changing her clothes.

“Why didn’t you move upstairs”

Ruan Sixian didn’t answer.

She stood behind Fu Mingyu and poked him on the back.

“Have you been on the plane for an entire day today”

Fu Mingyu opened the refrigerator, glanced at it and tried to find some fresh ingredients inside.

“Otherwise There’s nothing in the fridge.

What’s for dinner tonight”

Ruan Sixian looked at his back, “There are dumplings.

When will you go back Don’t you have to accompany your parents And your brother is back too.”

“My Dad is in the United States, and my Mom went to accompany him.

As for my brother, do you think he wants to eat with us” He bent down, opened the freezer, and frowned, “Just this”

After that, he smiled relievedly again.

There are quite a few kinds inside.

That’s good too.

It’s convenient and fast.

Ruan Sixian: “The supermarket is empty.

You haven’t said when you will return to Singapore.”

Fu Mingyu took out a box of dumplings and walked towards the cabinet.


This answer made Ruan Sixian feel a little anxious.

She immediately chased and asked: “When is this ‘later’”

Fu Mingyu slowly rolled up his sleeves and started to make preparations.

“Two hours later.”

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth, the blood all over her body warmed up, and at the same time, she felt a sour feeling in her heart.

After a long silence, she hugged Fu Mingyu from behind.

During the Chinese New Year in the years when she was in college, her classmates would invite her to spend the New Year at their home every time.

She didn’t want to cause trouble to her classmates, so she refused.

Later, she started to work and spent almost every New Year’s Eve in a hotel.

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“Actually, you don’t have to be so tired.

I am used to it.”

When the water boiled, Fu Mingyu threw the dumplings in and said lightly: “Then you should get rid of this habit.”

During the magic show in the Spring Festival Gala, Ruan Sixian sat cross legged on the sofa, holding her mobile phone and waiting to grab the red envelope.

She didn’t even notice when Fu Mingyu sat next to her.


She immediately grabbed Fu Mingyu’s hand, “Give me your phone!”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her and handed her his mobile phone.

“What is the password”


A few seconds later, Ruan Sixian stared at the two mobile phone screens with a cold face, not knowing what to say.

“Three yuan two cents”

Fu Mingyu looked sideways, “Your luck——”

Ruan Sixian threw a harsh look over.

Fu Mingyu hooked his lips and swallowed what he was about to say.

“Let’s eat.”

She bent over to pick up the bowl and glanced at the dumplings in front of her, “Isn’t this a little too sorry for you”

Fu Mingyu picked up a dumpling and fed it to her mouth.

“If you keep delaying eating it, you will be the one wronged after this.”

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth subconsciously, holding the dumplings in her mouth, and looked at Fu Mingyu blankly.

After a while, she chewed and said vaguely: “Are you still human”

Chinese New Year’s Eve!

Two hours!

She thought he came back specially to accompany her for the New Year, but it turned out to be to solve his physiological needs!

Ruan Sixian swallowed the dumplings, moved a little to the other side of the sofa and stared at the TV.

“Fu Mingyu, I suspect that you don’t love me at all.

You are only greedy for my body.”

“If I am not greedy for your body, can it still be called love then”



Fu Mingyu stretched out his hand and pulled her back to the position she was before.

“Hurry up.

It will be cold after a while.”

After eating, Ruan Sixian leaned against Fu Mingyu’s arms and stared at the TV, but her mind was not on the show.

She raised her head from time to time, and what caught her eye was Fu Mingyu’s lower jaw.


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