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[Zheng You’an]: Are you really not coming for dinner

[Zheng You’an]: Fu Mingyu is not in the country anyway.

Why do you want to spend New Year’s Eve alone Just come over.

[Ruan Sixian]: I wish you a happy new year.

I hope you get a big red envelope.

The boarding reminders broadcast in the terminal keep coming one after another, and there is the noise of children all around.

Several people who are about to miss the plane are running quickly while pulling their suitcases, and the wheels on the floor roll out a harsh sound.

Although it is noisy, it reveals the excitement of going home.

Her mobile phone rang again several times, but Ruan Sixian didn’t take it out to look at it again.

She just wanted to go home to have dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala.

The voice in her ear suddenly became near and far away, and Ruan Sixian walked very fast step by step.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure at the exit ahead.

She stopped and blinked to make sure she wasn’t seeing it wrong.


She can’t be more familiar with that figure.

Ruan Sixian’s throat choked, then she pulled the flight case and ran forward.

The distance is getting closer and closer, and the back is getting clearer and clearer.

Ruan Sixian’s heart is pounding and her footsteps are getting faster and faster.

It turned out that the stinky man didn’t say a word all afternoon because he came back quietly.

However, at a distance of less than two meters from the figure that turned his back to her, Ruan Sixian braked suddenly.

She staggered a few steps and almost lost her footing.

——Because the man turned back.

The moment she saw his face clearly, Ruan Sixian’s hanging heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

She stood there dumbfounded.


How can there be someone in this world with such a similar back

This man’s back and Fu Mingyu’s back can directly connect together perfectly.

The man also saw Ruan Sixian, saw her strange expression, and looked at her with his eyes casted downward.

Ruan Sixian felt very embarrassed, touched her hair and pretended that nothing had happened.

Then she continued to walk forward with a blank face.

However, when passing by him, he suddenly heard him say: “Miss Ruan”

Ruan Sixian paused, with confusion in her eyes.


The man suddenly smiled, tilted his head toward her, and motioned for her to look back.

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Ruan Sixian’s heartbeat accelerated again.

Her fingers clenched the lever and she looked back slowly.

The terminal building was brightly lit.

His white shirt was not tied with a tie, his jacket was casually draped over his arm.

His other hand was in his pocket, and he stood upright.

The travelers were rushing to and fro, and it seemed that they were all blurred in her eyes.

Only his figure is particularly clear.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes did not even blink.

Her heartbeat was amplified and it sounded like a drum in her ears.

Fu Mingyu tilted his head, “Why Recognizing the wrong person You don’t even know your own boyfriend anymore”

Hearing his voice, Ruan Sixian suddenly felt a sense of reality under her feet, as if she had really landed at this moment.

“Why are you back”

Fu Mingyu took a few steps forward and handed over his jacket.

Ruan Sixian subconsciously caught it, and then her other hand was held by him.

He took Ruan Sixian’s flight box and said: “If I did not come back, didn’t it mean that I just let you celebrate the New Year alone”

At the same time, Fu Mingyu led Ruan Sixian to turn around, raised his chin forward, and signaled her with his eyes.

“Call Older Brother.”

Ruan Sixian: “Older Brother”

Fu Chengyu walked over slowly, looked at Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu, and smiled, “Your timing of coming back is indeed really in time.”

Ruan Sixian hasn’t recovered yet, but Fu Mingyu has already looked at his watch and said: “There’s not much time.

I will go to the New Year’s Eve dinner first, how about you”

Fu Chengyu pointed to the back.

Several foreign middle-aged men are still there.

Then he looked at Ruan Sixian again, “Save the introduction for next time.

I won’t bother both of you today.”


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