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After dinner, several men proposed to go to KTV to sing.

Ruan Sixian glanced at the time, it was already nine o’clock.

She still had something to do tomorrow morning, so she declined.

Everyone didn’t force her to stay either.

Xie Yu offered to send her to the car.

Walking downstairs, Ruan Sixian saw that the car arranged by Fu Mingyu was already across the road, bypassing the overpass and turning around.

But his car was so high-profile that Ruan Sixian didn’t want her classmate to see it, so she said: “Senior, the car will arrive soon.

You can go up first.”

Xie Yu nodded, but did not leave.

“When is your next break”

Ruan Sixian: “Why”

“Oh…” Xie Yu said, “The Chinese New Year is coming soon.

There are many New Year movies, and I want to invite you to watch them.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone happened to ring.

She took out her mobile phone, glanced at the caller’s ID and said: “Let me answer my boyfriend’s call first”


Xie Yu’s face turned red all of a sudden.

Although it was embarrassing, it was fortunate that Ruan Sixian did not directly break through the situation and gave him a step down.

“O, okay.

Just pick it up first.

I won’t bother you anymore.

I will go up first then.”

After Xie Yu left, Ruan Sixian picked up Fu Mingyu’s call.

“Is it over”

Thinking of Xie Yu’s invitation just now, Ruan Sixian smiled, “Yeah.

What’s wrong Can’t wait to do an investigation”

Fu Mingyu: “What you mean is, something that is worth my investigation happened today”

Ruan Sixian hummed, “Someone invited me to watch a movie.”


Far away in the Hengshi Airlines Business Department in Singapore, Fu Mingyu flicked the globe on the table and said casually, “Is he the school grass that reaped your maiden heart”

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Ruan Sixian almost blurted out and answered ‘Yes’.

Fortunately, she responded in time.

This dog man set a trap for her.

What is ‘the school grass that reaped your maiden heart’ When did she admit it

The car stopped slowly in front of Ruan Sixian.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door for her.

“Huh.” Ruan Sixian sat up, leaned against the car window and looked at the busy traffic outside.

“My maiden heart beat for the first time when I saw my annual salary figure.”

The man on the other end of the phone laughed in a low voice.

“Is it so simple Then I can make your maiden heart beat for a lifetime.”

Ruan Sixian looked at herself smiling in the reflection of the window.

“Then you’d better do what you say.”

As the Chinese New Year approached, the flight schedule became busier and busier, and it was not until the night before New Year’s Eve that Ruan Sixian had time to move.

In fact, there’s nothing to be moved either.

Fu Mingyu has everything upstairs.

She just needs to move her clothes and daily necessities upstairs.

She opened Fu Mingyu’s wardrobe and saw two cabinets full of white shirts.

She almost thought she had come to the men’s clothing store.

“No, why do you buy so many identical shirts”

Ruan Sixian held her mobile phone between her shoulder and cheek, and flipped the shirts over.

She just couldn’t see the difference between these clothes.

“Can you even wear all of it by yourself”

On the other end of the phone, Fu Mingyu flipped through the documents in his hand and looked at the complicated data.

He frowned tightly, but said casually: “I still have you, right”

“Do I have no clothes or——”

Halfway through Ruan Sixian’s speech, she suddenly realized what he meant.

Her face turned red, then she gritted her teeth and said, “Fu Mingyu, I am not you.

I don’t have so many strange hobbies.”

There was a smile in Fu Mingyu’s voice, “Then, will you satisfy my hobbies”

“It’s already noon and you still haven’t woken up yet You really had a beautiful dream, huh”

Ruan Sixian casually spread her clothes twice and changed the topic.

“You have so many clothes in the wardrobe.

Where do I put my clothes then”

Someone came into the office, so Fu Mingyu restrained his smile and said sternly: “There is a cloakroom next to the study, and it is empty.”


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