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“No.” As he moved, he said, “It’s my own plane.”



In the rich people’s world, there is no such thing as catching a flight.

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying not to let herself let the shameful voice overflow.

But Fu Mingyu touched her lower lip with his fingers, half coaxing and half luring her to make a sound.

After a long time, Ruan Sixian’s palms were sweating, and she tightly clutched his clothes, while some crying murmurs overflowed from her throat.

Time constraints made him have to restrain himself, but the reality that he was about to be separated by two places with her made it difficult for him to control himself.

The moon already went into hiding behind the clouds at some unknown time, and there was less and less light that could penetrate into the room.

In the darkness, Ruan Sixian did not reject his presumptuousness every time.

But after a long time, Ruan Sixian still couldn’t stand it in the end.

Fu Mingyu usually responds to her every request.

This time she whimpered and begged him not to, but he didn’t seem to hear it.

It was not until Ruan Sixian made a promise that he had the intention to stop.

“Really” His voice was low and hoarse, stained with some scorching ambiguity, “Anything is fine”

He made a few more requests in her ear.

Ruan Sixian blushed, but under the circumstances, she could only grit her teeth and say “Yeah”.

After it was over, Ruan Sixian leaned against his arms while thinking in a daze that the words of a man on the bed can’t be trusted, and so do the words of a woman.

When she was about to fall asleep, Fu Mingyu also prepared to leave.

He got out of bed, leaned over to help her tuck the quilt, and lowered his head to kiss her forehead.

“After I leave, you can slowly move your things upstairs.”

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Ruan Sixian subconsciously gave a “hmm”, and a few seconds later, she suddenly opened her eyes.


Fu Mingyu sat by the bed and smiled.

“Get used to it and relax your vigilance.

Otherwise, I don’t know how many times I will be slapped by you in the future.”

After a long time, Ruan Sixian finally muttered an “Oh” under the quilt.

If you want to live together, just say it directly.

Why does it have to be said so euphemistically

“I will try my best to control it in the future.

If I can just use my mouth, I will not use my hand.”

Fu Mingyu snorted softly and squeezed her chin, “With this mouth of yours, I’d rather you do it with your hands.”

He stood up.

“I’m leaving now”


Ruan Sixian still turned her back to him, and didn’t turn her head until she heard the sound of the door closing.

Looking at the closed door, she sighed softly.

Ruan Sixian always thought maybe she wouldn’t miss Fu Mingyu that much.

After all, they are already adults.

There’s no such thing like one can’t live without the other, and it’s just a temporary separation.

It’s not a breakup.

There’s nothing to miss.

At least the next morning, she didn’t feel anything.

She still eats and drinks normally, and then went to the aviation doctor for an examination before going to the cafeteria for lunch.

But after she sat down with a plate, she lost her appetite.

Staring at the food on the plate with the chopsticks in her hand, she became somewhat distracted.

Inexplicably, Fu Mingyu appeared in her mind at this time.

This feeling is different from that when Dong Xian left.

At that time, Ruan Sixian felt that her mom would not come back, so her heart was always heavy and uncomfortable.

She did her homework two or three times a day, and occasionally hid under the quilt and cried in order not to think about those things.

But now, she knows that Fu Mingyu will come back and thought that she won’t miss him too much, but her heart was always like a cat’s paw.


It is as if when she doesn’t see this person, she feels that something is missing in her heart.

“Alas.” She sighed, put her chin on her other hand and picked the green onions in the dish with her left hand.


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