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“Can you pretend to be perfunctory” Ruan Sixian combed up her hair with her fingers and muttered, “When talking about business, your words are like gold.

When talking about something messy, you are just like a member of Deyunshe[1].”

However, the man’s hearing capability is surprisingly good.

“What messy thing do you mean”

Ruan Sixian said angrily: “Nothing.”

“How was the interview today” Fu Mingyu closes his iPad and slowly unbuttons his suit jacket.

“Not much.

Very good, very smooth.

I can speak eloquently and answer fluently.”

Fu Mingyu chuckled softly and closed his eyes to rest.

Of course it went well.

He asked the media to revise the interview script early in the morning and delete the questions about her family.

How can it not go well

During the interview, the team continuously released some tidbits one after another, and Hengshi Airlines forwarded one after another too.

At this moment, Ruan Sixian was looking at the comments on her Weibo in the car and her tail was about to jump to the sky.

“Hey.” She touched Fu Mingyu with her elbow.

“Look at how much your high school female classmates have a sense of existence.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t want to open his eyes when he heard the words ‘high school female classmate’, but the mobile phone had already been put in front of him so he had to somewhat entertain her.

But when he opened his eyes, what he saw was a screen full of fancy touting.


Sister, my goldfish even evolved into a koi when it saw you.]

[Every frame of the beautiful sister is so heartwarming]

[What does it feel like to live with such a face every day And can even fly to the sky.

I really want to experience it]

[Does sister have a boyfriend If so, do you mind having an extra girlfriend]

Fu Mingyu lifted his eyelids, “You just want to let me see this”

He took the mobile phone over, flipped through two pages, and said word by word: “Wuwuwu.

Sister, my goldfish even…”

“All right, all right, shut up!”

When the good rainbow touting was read out by him, her sense of shame burst out in an instant and all of a sudden she felt that these words had changed their taste.

It’s like a spell.

Fu Mingyu scrolled down and finally saw Ruan Sixian’s goal.

[Make your debut now, beautiful sister.

Starring in ‘Sunrise After The Cloud Breaks’.

You are much more beautiful than the female high school classmate that has an old history with her.

I agree with the real naming system to let President Fu of Hengshi Airlines allow this beautiful sister to bring a lot of start-up capital to invest when she enters the filming world!]

[Is the one talking about bringing start-up capital a crazy person (Question) Are you the one who gives the start-up fee Can you even afford to give it]

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[Have I publicly specified the name Brain-damaged fans, don’t rush to take the right seat yet.

Isn’t it true that the high school female classmate who has an old story pulls another people’s boss for a publicity stunt Are you blind or pretending not to see it]

[I wonder if it is not blind to compare the beauty of a first-line female star with a commoner Who are you insulting]

Probably because there are reporters in the fans team, a large number of fans soon poured in, tearing this comment to the top of the hot comment.

Fu Mingyu laughed and returned the phone to Ruan Sixian.

“Do you want to boost me up, boss” Ruan Sixian gave him a flattering smile, “I will give you fifty percent of the remuneration.”

Fu Mingyu: “What are you dreaming about”


Ruan Sixian went to look at her mobile phone again, and saw that more and more fans came to quarrel.

The comment area that was originally full of rainbow touting was about to become a tear force scene.

“So many people quarrel here.

Delete it”

“Don’t worry about it.” Fu Mingyu glanced at her, “Is it necessary to delete it just for her”

Ruan Sixian thought about it and thought the same way too.

“Then, can I reply like this”

Ruan Sixian showed him her mobile phone again: My boyfriend said I am dreaming.

He doesn’t allow me to become a celebrity with a start-up capital [Wronged].

Fu Mingyu cast sidelong glances at her, with a faint smile in his eyes.

[1] Deyunshe : one of the most famous cross talk societies in China.


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