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This is not a special case that happened only in Hengshi Airlines.

At that time, almost all airlines were like this.

“Later, when I was in my third year of university, there were also airlines that came to the campus to recruit students on a tour.” Ruan Sixian raised her chin, “At that time, I was very confident that I would definitely be selected because the interviewer liked me very much and the captain who came to preach also left me his contact information, so I packed my bags after I returned to the dormitory.”

Fu Mingyu raised his head and said: “He left you his contact information”


He is very handsome.

Do you want to take a look”

Ruan Sixian took out her mobile phone and showed it to him.

Fu Mingyu didn’t look at her mobile phone, and only saw her smiling very cunningly.

He snorted coldly and said: “You are quite well-connected.”

“If I had been well-connected, I wouldn’t have ended up in that field” Ruan Sixian put down her mobile phone heavily, thinking of that incident with a look of contempt in her eyes.

“As a result, I thought I got the VIP pass, but it turned out to be just for s*x.

I didn’t even know that the place was robbed by someone I know.

There was no movement at all, but I finally learned it from the mouths of others.”

More than half of the cigarette on his fingertips had burned, and the half-finger-length ash was crumbling.

He sighed softly, shook off the ash and also snuffed out the cigarette.

Under the warm yellow light of the dining room, Fu Mingyu’s eyes looked dim.

Ruan Sixian was holding her face and looking at him, and she suddenly had a strange feeling.

If she had not been squeezed out of the place at that time, she might have met Fu Mingyu long ago.

“If I had met you at that time.” She thought of something and asked directly, “Will you like me”

Only a trace of smoke lingered in the trash can, curling up between Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu, slowing down the passage of time.

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“If I met you at that time.” Fu Mingyu looked straight at her, “Then you are already Mrs.

Fu now.”



Ruan Sixian was stunned.

A strange feeling slowly crept into her heart, tickling and scratching like a cat’s claws.

The two words ‘Mrs.

Fu’ are strangely very pleasant to hear.

The main reason is it makes people feel rich when they hear it.

It’s ‘Rich Madam[1]’ anyway.

Ruan Sixian opened her fingers and covered half of her face.

She didn’t even look at him.

Her heart was beating so fast.

She quickly changed the topic: “My dad didn’t buy commercial insurance, and he didn’t leave me much money after his death.

I have to earn my own living expenses in university.

When others go out on dates and travel, I am working part-time all the time.”

Fu Mingyu frowned.

It was hard for him to imagine how Ruan Sixian went through all of it alone at that time.

If only he could meet her earlier.

He would never let her live like that.

At this time, Ruan Sixian suddenly raised her head and smiled proudly: “But when I was in university, I was one of the richest in my class.”


Fu Mingyu’s thoughts came to an abrupt end.

“There’s no way either.

Who let me be born beautiful.” Ruan Sixian straightened her hair and dispelled Fu Mingyu’s doubts, “There are Taobao shops looking for me to be a model all day long, and I can earn 1,000 a day for shooting.

There was also a shop that invited me to go to the beach to shoot at public expense.

It gives me 2,500 a day.

After four years, my small treasury has grown into tens of thousands.”


Fu Mingyu held back his overflowing compassion and raised his eyebrows.

“The beach”


“What did you wear”

“Is this important” Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and inhaled.

She was about to get angry at him.

“The main point is two thousand and five hundred a day.”

[1] Mrs.

Fu and Rich Madam have the same pronunciation.


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