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Ruan Sixian seemed to have PTSD on these three words.

As soon as she heard it, she could recall all kinds of things that happened this morning.

Not only did she not open her mouth, she gritted her teeth too.

Seeing her appearance, Fu Mingyu stirred the soup in the bowl with a spoon, and said casually: “Didn’t you want me to feed you”

“You said the same thing in the morning——” The spoon was fed to Ruan Sixian’s mouth.

Her brain got stuck and her earlobes slowly turned red.

“Huh” Fu Ming touched her lower lip with a spoon, “What did I say this morning”

Ruan Sixian grabbed the bowl from his hand and pushed him away with both hands and feet, “Go away, I’m not disabled.”

While she was drinking the soup, Fu Mingyu had been sitting next to her, leaning against the back of the chair, thinking about something with his head down.

He touched his trousers and there was a hard box inside.

Just as he wanted to take it out, he thought about it again, and decided to drop it again.

“You can smoke if you want.”

Ruan Sixian put down her bowl and said, “It’s not like I have never been a passive smoker.”

“Just one.” Fu Mingyu took out his cigarette box.

“I don’t have time to sleep.

I am very sleepy.”

Ruan Sixian sneered.

“Say you have no time to sleep but you could lie in bed without closing your eyes and still did this and did that.”

“Did what”


Ruan Sixian snatched away the lighter in his hand, lit the lighter and looked at him fiercely, “Is there a shortage of incense at the grave”

Not only did this move not deter Fu Mingyu, but he tilted his head and lit his cigarette with the fire in Ruan Sixian’s hand instead.

He lowered his head with a cigarette in his mouth.

The outline of the eyebrow bone and the bridge of his nose was covered with a layer of shadow, so deep that it felt unreal.

But this unreal feeling made her unable to move her eyes away and tightly staring at the movie-like picture.

After a while, a puff of white smoke floated up beside her.

The soup in the bowl had bottomed out.

Ruan Sixian put down the lighter and the spoon in her hand touched the wall of the ceramic bowl, making a crisp sound.

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“The last time I drank this soup was during the summer vacation of the third grade of junior high school.”


She suddenly mentioned this without rhyme or reason.

Fu Mingyu’s fingertips paused slightly and a few ashes were shaken off.

“At that time, this shop had just opened.

My mom came to school to pick me up for a meal.

This is the store that sells this soup.”

This sentence is a chance she found after brewing it for a long time in her entire meal time.

Just now, Fu Mingyu asked her about her family, but she didn’t open her mouth.

It wasn’t because she didn’t want to say it, but because she didn’t know where to start.

Dong Xian is not a stranger.

She is her mother, and she is also the wife of the boss of Fu Mingyu’s cooperative company.

He should be in the know both in emotion and reason.

He is different from others.

If she can’t even talk to him, Ruan Sixian doesn’t know who else to talk to.

So even if he didn’t ask, Ruan Sixian would find a chance to tell him.

It’s just that no matter how old the past is, it’s also a scar.

It will hurt even if you touch it lightly.

It takes more courage to speak out.

“When I was 14 years old, my mom divorced my dad.

Later, she seemed very busy.

She came to see me once or twice a year.

The first time she came back, she brought me to eat in Western Banquet.

Before, our family could never afford such a restaurant.”

Ruan Sixian started from the beginning of the story, her voice was neither light nor heavy, as if she were telling someone else’s story.

At the time when she reached the misunderstanding part, she even laughed at herself.

The high school period was very boring.

She just finished it in two sentences.

“In the third year of high school, there are airlines that recruit students to enter the Flight Academy, but they don’t recruit girls.

Do you know that”

Fu Mingyu nodded, “I know.”


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