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LOMH Chapter 69.2

When the first dish was done, he brought it out and asked at the same time: “Just to send you something to eat”

Ruan Sixian said “Oh” and “And also had a little heart-to-heart communication.”

Was the heart-to-heart communication to such an extent that it created such an atmosphere

If it wasn’t for him knowing that Dong Xian was coming, and he felt a little uneasy in his heart so he rushed back immediately, maybe with Ruan Sixian’s temper, she would have had a big fight with the other party at home already.

Fu Mingyu turned around and leaned against the cabinet, then slightly hunched his back so that he was just in line with Ruan Sixian’s line of sight.

There was a shallow smile at the corner of his mouth, “Have you quarreled with your mom”

“Hmmph.” Ruan Sixian turned around to serve the meal, with a hint of indifference in her tone, “Didn’t you hear it already”

Fu Mingyu wrapped his arms around her neck and bent his wrists to hold her chin: “Then tell me, what are you quarreling with your mom about”

His tone was relaxed, and he sounded like an older brother who is coaxing a child.

But Ruan Sixian always knew that since sometime ago, Fu Mingyu already had a vague guess about her family’s affairs.

But she didn’t talk about it, so he didn’t ask either.

Ruan Sixian lowered her head and didn’t speak.

The microwave dinged, so Fu Mingyu let go of her and reached out to open the microwave.

“It doesn’t matter.

It’s fine if you don’t want to say it.

Let’s eat first.”

When Ruan Sixian has no important thing to do, she always eats only until 70% full for dinner.

It’s easy to feel sleepy when one eats too much, and the brain will not be sober either.

But in the one hour when Dong Xian was here, she seemed to have exhausted all her energy.

Her stomach was very empty and she unknowingly added a bowl of rice.

The bowl of pigeon soup was put aside.

It had become cold at some unknown time and it even gave off a fishy smell.

Fu Mingyu sat opposite her and filled a bowl of winter melon soup.

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Ruan Sixian was about to reach for it, but the other party sent it to his own mouth instead.


Fu Mingyu paused, “Can you still eat”

Ruan Sixian retracted her hand and nodded resignedly.


I can’t eat anymore.”

Fu Mingyu smiled and took a sip.

The temperature of the soup was just right, so he handed it to Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian turned her head and said: “I never eat food that is handed out in contempt.”

The person opposite raised his head to look at her, then half-squinted his eyes and said, “Do you want me to feed you”

According to common sense, Ruan Sixian would roll her eyes and say: “I am not disabled.”

But recalling what Zheng You’an said at noon today, she lowered her head and touched her fingernails, “But I heard that when some girls dated a boyfriend, they never washed their own fruit, never tied their own shoelaces, and even never twisted open their own mineral water bottles by themself.”

“That is someone else.” Fu Mingyu drank the soup and nodded, “You are different.

You are a woman who can open the bottle cap with one hand.”


“Let me tell you something.” Across the table, Ruan Sixian kicked Fu Mingyu’s calf.

“I am very popular right now.

You’d better be nice to me, or each and every one of my 63,108 Weibo fans can scold you to death.”

Not only that, many media outlets already rushed to interview her just in the early hours of yesterday morning alone.

Ruan Sixian didn’t have the energy or time, so she refused most of them, and only agreed to a few very formal invitations from mainstream media.

Otherwise, if she accepts all of them, she has to find an agent already.

Fu Mingyu chuckled lightly.

Ruan Sixian heard a bit of disdain from his laughter.

“What do you mean”

Fu Mingtang looked up at her, raised his brows, got up and walked to her side.

“Open your mouth.”


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