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Chapter 69.1

At that time, when the needle pointed to seven o’clock, the last ray of light in the horizon was swept away and rows of street lamps suddenly turned on neatly and uniformly.

Even if the layer of light was filtered through the curtains hundreds of miles away, Ruan Sixian still felt dazzled by it.

She covered her eyes and turned to turn on the light.

Before her hand touched the switch, she heard the person behind her say: “If it were you, how would you choose”

Ruan Sixian’s hand froze in mid-air.

The light wasn’t turned on, and the living room was still dark.

Dong Xian stood two meters away from her and said faintly: “Between the last chance in this life to take the pilot test and to continue to stay at home with your husband and child, which one will you choose”

There was a long silence in the room, and even the air seemed to stagnate.

The surrounding atmosphere squeezed her neck tightly and her brain couldn’t think.

Her nerves jumped abruptly, as if they would explode in the next second.

“I won’t let her choose one out of two.”

Suddenly, a hand covered the back of Ruan Sixian’s hand and pressed the switch.

The bright light illuminated the entire living room.

He held Ruan Sixian’s hand and stood sideways in front of her, blocking Dong Xian’s direct gaze.

“Auntie, it’s meaningless for you to ask such a question.

This kind of assumption doesn’t hold up here in my place.”

Hearing his firm voice, Ruan Sixian raised her head and looked at him blankly.

Her throat feels itchy.

It was very windy outside.

He had just returned, and there was still cold air on his clothes, but his palms were warm.

When Dong Xian asked this, Ruan Sixian’s temple suddenly tightened and she had the feeling as if she was standing on the steel wire on the cliff, and she might fall if she moved.

His voice, like a strong rope, pulled her ashore again.

Fu Mingyu’s sudden arrival broke the delicate stalemate between Dong Xian and Ruan Sixian.

He glanced into the dining room and saw the dishes on the table seemed like it was not touched at all.

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“Have you eaten, Auntie Do you want to sit down and have dinner together”

His ‘invitation’ seemed to be an unceremonious order for the guest to get out instead.

Dong Xian didn’t need to say much anymore.

She weighed the status of herself and Fu Mingyu in this house, and the answer was clear.

She clearly felt Ruan Sixian’s dependence on Fu Mingyu.

The two stood opposite her, and there seemed to be a barrier in the middle, indicating that they stood in different positions.

In the end, it’s still parting unhappily.

She sighed silently, walked to the table and tried the temperature of the soup with the back of her hand.

“It’s still hot.” She said, “The pigeon is very fresh, and the medicinal materials inside are also carefully selected.

They can calm the nerves.

Drink it while it’s still hot.”

The moment the door closed, Fu Mingyu turned and looked at Ruan Sixian.

He raised his hand to touch her cheek.

However, before his hand touched her skin, she suddenly walked forward, fell on the sofa and fell into the pillow.

“I am so sleepy.”

While Fu Mingyu wasn’t paying attention, she rubbed her eyes, “Why are you here”

“I am afraid my baby will be bullied.” Fu Mingyu picked up the dishes on the table and walked to the kitchen: “And doesn’t someone want me to eat dinner with her”

Ruan Sixian rolled her eyes on the sofa and turned over while holding the pillow, turning her back to him.

Then the corners of her mouth curved before she stood up and ran into the kitchen with the rest of the dishes.

Fu Mingyu put the dishes into the microwave, “Why did Auntie come today”

“She came to send me something to eat.” Ruan Sixian pointed to the table outside.

“See that Fresh pigeon soup.”


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