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Although the rain had stopped, the weather was still gloomy and the cold wind that was blowing was mixed with moisture in it.

In this weather, even if she is so sleepy that her eyelids were fighting, she doesn’t want to go out anymore.

When Fu Mingyu called Ruan Sixian, he heard that her voice was clear and it didn’t look like she had slept.

“You didn’t sleep in the afternoon”

“No, I went out to eat at noon.

After I come back in the afternoon, I do a set of questions.”


Fu Mingyu chuckled: “You are pretty amazing.”

In the evening, she broke through the gate of hell, didn’t sleep all night, tossed in bed in the morning and could still read books and do questions in the afternoon.

His girlfriend is really amazing.

“I ordered a meal for you in the evening.

It’s a pity that I don’t have time to eat with you.”


“Why do you sound so disappointed Do you want me to have dinner with you”

“When will your narcissism be corrected”


Ruan Sixian looked at herself smiling on the computer screen and touched the corner of her lips: “If there’s nothing anymore, I will hang up.”


After the ‘beep’ sounded on the phone, Ruan Sixian looked at the computer again.

She didn’t continue to read a book but searched the Internet for the word ‘Dong Xian’ all afternoon instead.

Whether it’s a web page, Weibo, or a professional forum, almost all the content related to her is oil painting, award-winning, and very little about her private affairs.

Ruan Sixian checked the relevant information of her Manager again.

No matter how good the wine is, in the deep alleys, there will inevitably be people who don’t know about it.

Moreover, most artists devote themselves to creation, often closing themselves for a few months, and there is no spare time and energy to operate the sales of their works, the planning of solo exhibitions and other social activities.

In addition, most artists are not familiar with commercial activities, which may bury an artist with great potential, and even some excellent works will not be able to enter the public eye.

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Therefore, the art brokerage management team came into being.

After that, to enter the art market for circulation, preservation and appreciation, excellent art products also need professional brokers and institutions to operate.

Baidu Encyclopedia shows that Guo Gaoyang, a senior broker in the art world, with his rich network resources, made three unknown painters seen by the world and their artistic attainments were recognized, and then they went abroad and became famous.

But apart from this encyclopedia, there is almost no other information about this person on the Internet.

Ruan Sixian searched the two words ‘Dong Xian’ and ‘Guo Gaoyang’ together, but there was not much related content.

‘Contemporary oil painting artist Dong Xian and Mr.

Guo Gaoyang of Jiangcheng’s Floating Gallery talks about oil painting art.’


Guo Gaoyang of Jiangcheng’s Floating Gallery talks about Dong Xian: A great talent takes time to mature, it’s still not too late.’

After she searched back and forth, there were only these official announcements.

Guo Gaoyang is also a relatively low-key person, and there is basically nothing on the Internet other than work-related content.

When the search result on the web page reaches seven or eight pages, the keyword adhesion is getting lower and lower.

Finally, in the vast sea of content, she saw the news about Dong Xian and Zheng Tai’an getting married a few years ago.

At that time, Dong Xian was already a little famous.

Although there were not many relevant reports, it still existed.

One of the reports was forwarded by an oil painting information blogger.

“The matchmaker is my boss.

I’ve met Teacher Dong personally and she is super beautiful.


Ruan Sixian clicked on this person’s homepage and took a look.

This person had stopped updating Weibo since two years ago, but the profile was still ‘Professional agent of Jiangcheng Floating Gallery’.

The access control system installed in the room suddenly rang.

Ruan Sixian closed the computer, dragged her slippers to the living room and sent a message to Fu Mingyu at the same time.

[Ruan Sixian]: The dinner you ordered has arrived!


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