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The four key points of forced landing, pilot, woman and beauty immediately made #Hengshi Airlines female pilot’s successful forced landing# quickly rise on the hot search list.

Inside the topic, in addition to the official statement of Hengshi Airlines, there are also many pictures of her that were taken at Hengshi Airlines’ promotional pictures a few months ago posted by several marketing accounts.

This time, the rainbow farts of the lovely netizens directly knocked Ruan Sixian out.

[The one who commented that a female pilot is unlucky at that time below the publicity pictures, stand up now and let me see if your face is swollen or not!]


Sisters, tell me what shall I do to be able to marry her]

[When I saw her last time, I already thought that she is very beautiful.

Unexpectedly, she is so powerful.

Sister, you are extremely awesome!]

[I braced myself to ask what’s this sister’s sexual orientation Do you accept an 18-year-old just-become-adult younger sister]

[After reading the specific report, for her who did a forced landing under the influence of strong crosswinds and rainstorm, and the plane even skidded because of the water on the ground before it finally stopped at the last second, I only have two words: Extremely Awesome.]

After looking at the soaring number of fans on her Weibo, Ruan Sixian slowly turned her head and looked at Fu Mingyu with a blank expression.

“I am popular now.”

“Let’s break up.

I will give you my resignation letter tomorrow.”

“I’m going to make my first debut and chase my husband.”

Fu Mingyu completely ignored her words like a deaf person.

The warmth of her palm was passed to him little by little.

“Are you tired”

After waiting for such a long time and only getting such a sentence, Ruan Sixian even heard a bit of ‘aren’t you tired yet Just wash and sleep already.

Stop your daydreaming’ sarcasm in his voice.

She has nothing to say to him.

However, she is indeed tired.

Although her nerves have been tense all night, she is very excited right now.

At this moment, she is not sleepy at all.

“If you give me a raise, I won’t be tired.

If I don’t get a raise, I will go into a coma right away.”


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The car drove to Mingchen Apartment in the rain.

The drainage of the highway is very good.

There is no ponding all the way, but the rain has no tendency to stop.

The driver drove the car directly to the underground parking lot.

“My mother came to me today, you know”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu presses the elevator button.

“The captain has woken up, you know”


“I’m holding a pig now, you know”

Fu Mingyu glanced sideways at her and raised his hand to pat her head.

“It turns out that you can also do something other than saying ‘yeah’.”

Ruan Sixian opened the door and blocked him outside.

“I just saw someone say that I should be given a bonus.

Will you give it to me then”

Fu Mingyu looked at her and said nothing.

Ruan Sixian kicked him: “Don’t turn dumb once money is mentioned.

Do you want to give me the bonus”

Fu Mingyu suddenly grabbed her hand.

“For you.”

He slowly pressed her hand to the position of his left chest.

“Here is for you, too.”

All kinds of emotions were thick and intertwined, unable to be expressed in words, and slammed into his heart recklessly and violently.

“All for you.

Do you want me”

At this time, it was the darkest time before dawn.

The rain outside the window crackled against the glass.

The voice-activated light in the corridor stayed on for a long time, shining on the top of Fu Mingyu’s head.

His eyelashes cast shadows, but they could not hide the strong devotion in his eyes.

Ruan Sixian reached out and grabbed his tie, shook it from side to side, and looked down at her toes.

“I will just take it then.”

Before her voice fell completely, the person outside the door suddenly squeezed in and the door slammed shut.

Ruan Sixian felt dizzy.

She was hugged, turned around and pressed against the door, and a passionate kiss suddenly fell.

The rain kept falling outside the window.

The wind was blowing wildly and the lights were not turned on in the room.

Everything happened quietly in the dark.

Feeling the turbulence movement of his hands, Ruan Sixian suddenly woke up for a moment.

“It’s early morning!”

Her clothes are already opened and hanging messily over her shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ruan Sixian:

Of course it doesn’t matter to you, but my landlord will bring someone to replace my washing machine with a new one soon!!!


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