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Fu Mingyu finally loosened his brows, opened the door of the bus, and walked towards the rain curtain.

When the Control Center gave the order, the plane finally slowed down to the speed at which it could turn into the taxiway.

When seeing the data, the Control Center at the other end of the headset also breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Did the brakes work”

He asked.

A soft voice came from the headset.


I released the brake and stepped on it again.”

The breath that was half exhaled by the Control Center personnel froze again.

If the decision to re-brake again was carried out one second late, the plane would have rushed out of the runway with the indicator light pressed, and the consequences would have been disastrous.

But re-braking was the boldest operation he had ever seen in his career.

If there was no re-brake, the braking effect will not be optimal, and the plane is destined to rush out of the runway.

There is still a glimmer of hope with re-braking it again, but it is the most risky act.

At that critical moment, if the person who was operating the brake is 0.1 seconds late and fails to step on the brake plate in an instant, it will usher in even more dire consequences.

The personnel in the Control Center have worked in this position for nearly ten years.

There’s no emergencies that he has not seen, but he still becomes speechless at this moment.

It was even more difficult for him to imagine that the person who dared to do this was actually a woman.

The flight attendant next to Ruan Sixian felt alive again.

She leaned on the seat and looked at the captain who was still unconscious next to her.

For some reason, her eyes suddenly became sore.

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She never imagined that a captain who looked so healthy would suddenly get sick during the flight.

Neither imagining also encountering extreme weather at this precise time.

After getting off the plane later, the first thing she will do is to buy the bag that she had been taking fancy of for half a year but was not willing to buy.

The plane is slowly coming to a stop at the apron.

Ruan Sixian let go of her hands and feet, looked up at the lights in the rain curtain, and finally let out a breath.

She felt like she hadn’t inhaled a few breaths just now.

There is a feeling of being born again, which took all her strength away.

The light in front of her seemed to be turning, and many pictures appeared in her mind like a movie.

With her father, her mother, and all kinds of dusty memories hovering in front of her eyes.

At the last moment when she sorted out her emotions, the person who appeared in front of her was Fu Mingyu.

Luckily, she is not dead.

Otherwise it would be a great loss to give this man to another woman.

The crew stairs were quickly erected, and the first batch of medical staff rushed into the cockpit to carry away the captain who was unconscious due to illness with a stretcher.

When she turned on her mobile phone, hundreds of text messages and missed calls almost burst her mobile phone.

There is no need for her to reply one by one at this time.

Presumably, the news has already been reported at the first time.

She turned on her mobile phone now because she had told Fu Mingyu before taking off that she would report on her safety to him when she landed on the ground.

[Ruan Sixian]: I landed safely.

[Fu Mingyu]: Yeah.

So cold

Do you know that I saved your plane your passengers your employees!

Ruan Sixian put away her mobile phone, stood up and pushed open the unlocked cockpit door.

Fu Mingyu was standing at the door, his clothes were almost soaked, and a few drops of water were dripping from his hair.

He stared at Ruan Sixian so tightly that his dark eyes even seemed to say that he have a lot to say to her.

But in the end he only said three words.

“Are you hurt”

Ruan Sixian shook her head, and was hugged tightly by him in the next second.

Her tight nerves had not relaxed yet and she still wanted to tell him about the situation just now.


“Don’t move.”

Fu Mingyu pressed her hands hard and pressed the back of her neck.

There was some rain water on her hair, all of which soaked into his fingertips, “Let me hug you for a while.”

His patience was running out, and Ruan Sixian was out of breath from being encircled in his arms.

And he also didn’t speak, letting the people around him come and go and they all looked here one after another, but he still didn’t let go of her.

The familiar scent on the tip of his nose has a reassuring effect.


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