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Until the elevator reached the 14th floor, Ni Tong finally recovered.

Ruan Sixian

She recited the name silently several times, and finally remembered it at the moment when the elevator door closed again.

Ruan Sixian.

That Ruan Sixian who turned her into a ‘low configuration version’.

But how could she come back

And still, as a pilot in the Flight Department

In a flash, the elevator goes down to the ninth floor.

When Ni Tong reacts, she presses the floor button madly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help.

When she returned to the 14th floor again, the safety lecture had already begun.

Sure enough, she was still late in the end.

Ni Tong was upset.

She swiped her finger on the fingerprints reader device at the door, then slipped in through the back door and sat in the back corner.

The colleague nearby whispered, “Why are you late”

Ni Tong was agitated in her heart, grabbing the mobile phone from the bag at the same time, and said: “Don’t mention it, it’s so annoying.”

When she found Jiang Ziyue’s WeChat, she immediately typed: Master, is Ruan Sixian back

After the news was sent out, she remembered that Jiang Ziyue had gone to Spain for holiday a few days ago, and it should have just taken off right now.

The colleague next to her is still talking: “You didn’t see it.

Just now, Wang Lekang saw that only you were absent among the Purser, and his face was black.”

Putting down the mobile phone, Ni Tong turned around and asked: “Is Ruan Sixian back”

The colleague was taken aback, “Who”

This colleague obviously doesn’t know this person.

“Forget it.” Ni Tong didn’t pay any more attention to it.

She just thought that maybe what that person said was a name with the same pronunciation as ‘Ruan Sixian’.

Anyway, it’s not a special name.

Even if it’s the same name and surname, so what

Otherwise, according to Jiang Ziyue, how could Ruan Sixian, who had that kind of thing happen to her, return to Hengshi Airlines again.

What’s more, it’s still the Flight Department under Fu Mingyu’s control.

If it was her, she won’t return to the Hengshi Airlines even if she was beaten to death.

When Ni Tong was still thinking about it, Ruan Sixian had already gone through the entry formalities in the Personnel Department.

When the HR staff was entering the information into the company’s internal database, Ruan Sixian raised her head to size up the place.

From the moment she stepped into the Hengshi Airlines, she found that the changes were not small.

The large ACJ31 model was placed on the right side of the spacious lobby on the first floor, standing in a conspicuous place like a sign.

The reception at the front desk changed from four people to six people, changed into new uniforms, instead of that kind of black suit and small coat they used to be.

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The Personnel Department also moved from the original sixth floor to the fourteenth floor.

And along the way, Ruan Sixian didn’t see a familiar face at all.

But she didn’t meet many people either.

“I am done here.” The HR staff give Ruan Sixian two lists, one large and one small, “The small one is your intranet account and job number, and some other login passwords are in it.

Then this is the procedure sheet.

You can take it to the Flight Department on the 16th floor to report and get it stamped, and then after you are finished, go to the Logistics Department to get the uniform.”

After thanking the staff, Ruan Sixian took her things out of the office and began to look at her new job number.

In fact, up to now, she can still recite her original job number, but the letterhead has changed.

Hengshi Airlines uses the initials as the company’s organizational structure schedule number, headed by the board of supervisors, and is issued layer by layer.

The Flight Attendant Department’s job number is ‘E’.

And now her job number is ‘D’, the Flight Department.

The HR staff from the subdivision of the Flight Department is a young girl.

She looked at Ruan Sixian quietly from time to time when she was stamping her seal.

There were two shallow pear vortices on the corner of her mouth.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a female pilot.” The girl keeps signing and stamping neatly, but it doesn’t affect her chatting.

“Moreover, it is also an ACJ31 model.

I heard that this batch is very fierce, and the competition is very big.

Several of those recruited by our company, if they were placed in other companies, they would have already become the Chief of Reserve Pilot.”

She glanced shyly at Ruan Sixian again, “And you are still the best student.

So amazing.”

Then she took out her mobile phone, “Let’s add a WeChat, the personal one, okay”

“Okay.” Ruan Sixian took out her mobile phone, but she happened to see an incoming call.

The number is displayed directly on the screen, so she knows that it’s not a call from her acquaintances.

But Ruan Sixian is sensitive to numbers.

This string of numbers is not unfamiliar.

She should have been contacted with it recently.

“I’ll take the call first”

The HR staff nodded with a smile: “Mm-hmm, you just go take it.

I also have a lot of things to input here.”

Ruan Sixian walked out with her mobile phone and turned right to a glass corridor.

This long corridor connects the International Conference Room of the Flight Department with the Administration Department.

It is seven or eight meters wide.

The sunlight shines in through the integrated glass, revealing an icy feeling.

It reflects a sense of scientific technology, which makes it look cleaner and has sound-amplified effects.

The sound of footsteps in the distance can even echo around half of the corridor’s length.


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