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After speaking, she turned her head to comfort the child who wanted to cry, “Don’t be afraid, Little Brother.

It’s alright.

You see, even when the windshield was broken, nothing happened either.

It will also be fine now.

You have to trust the adults.”

In the cabin at this time, the flight attendant watched the plane drive past the B4 taxiway in the blink of an eye.

The breath that she had just sent down was lifted up again, and her fingernails unconsciously pinched the palm of her hand.

The remaining runway space in front was not long, and the plane still failed to decelerate successfully and was still taxiing at high speed.

If it goes on like this, the plane will rush out of the runway.

Ruan Sixian stepped on the brake pedal and poured all the strength in her body into her legs, but the plane still failed to slow down.

The flight attendant did not dare to disturb Ruan Sixian, but the lights on both sides of the runway retreated rapidly.

The runway was getting shorter and shorter, and the plane was approaching the end of the runway.

She lowered her head and looked at Ruan Sixian’s leg, as if betting her own life on that leg.

The runway of several hundred meters can only give Ruan Sixian a few seconds.

What to do…

What to do…

There is only one last way then.

“Ah!” The flight attendant almost fainted when she saw Ruan Sixian suddenly release the brake pedal.

In the cabin, the passengers thought the plane had landed, most of them turned on their mobile phones, and the text messages came one after another.

As Ni Tong sat in her seat, she felt that the plane had not slowed down and her whole body was tense.

The mixed voices in the cabin floated away like a vacuum.

It will be okay.

She comforted herself silently.

It’s not like this kind of case has never happened.

It will definitely be alright.

Suddenly, she bent down again and covered her face with her hands.

But others still have the captain who was in charge when this case happened.

And now, they have a incapacitated captain and only one co-pilot.

Suddenly, an inertia pushed Ni Tong.

She suddenly sat up straight and looked at the exit indicator outside the window, almost forgetting to breathe.

“What’s the matter Why is the brake so fast”

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Passengers who don’t know the situation can’t help complaining.

The second she released the brake pedal, Ruan Sixian tried her best to step on it again with all her strength.

The taxiing speed of the plane suddenly decreased, and the braking effect reached the maximum at this moment.

The flight attendant next to her came back to life and her mind was buzzing.

She couldn’t believe that Ruan Sixian had just released the brake plate in order to re-brake.

“Drive out at B3!”

The Control Center gave the order again.

Unfortunately, the plane has also passed B3 at this time.

“Drive out at B2!”

Even under the braking effect, the plane still passed B2.

Only B1 is left in front of the plane.

That is the end of the runway.

“Drive out at B1!”

The people around Fu Mingyu’s crew bus were extremely depressed at first, especially when everyone saw the plane passing B2, it seemed like their sight had also turned dark.

The plane that should have turned into the taxiway in B4 has not turned even after passing B2.

What this means is very clear to those present here.

In front of it is the end of the runway and there is an endless field there.

It is said that the field represents hope, but at this time it is despair instead.

They seem to have foreseen that the plane will be buried in that field.

The names of all the people on the plane, the future of the entire airline and the manufacturing companies that have produced the plane are all doomed.

The last second was stretched as long as a century.

The rain is still so heavy that even the lights could not illuminate the night.

The breathing sound in the bus was small and it was pressed to the lowest point.

Almost all eyes and thoughts were frozen.

However, in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere between the ground crew and the maintenance staff in the row outside the crew bus suddenly changed, and a burst of cheers erupted two seconds later.

When the cheers reached the crew bus, ambulances and fire trucks had already rushed to the apron.

“F*ck…” Yan’an stared blankly ahead and murmured, “It’s really awesome…”


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