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Ruan Sixian fastened her buttons and turned around.

The light in the room sprinkled on her face and hair very generously, making her eyes as bright as water.

She pursed her lips and smiled, then hooked her fingers at the man in front of her, “Does it look good”

Fu Mingyu raised his arm, brushed his fingertips over her epaulette before sliding it to her waist, then hugged her tightly in his arms, and kissed her earlobe.

“It’s itchy.” Ruan Sixian turned her face away, “What do you want to do”

“Huh” Fu Mingyu rubbed his chin against her cheek.

“What do you think I want to do”

Ruan Sixian rested her chin on his shoulder and taking the advantage that he couldn’t see her, she smiled wantonly.

“Didn’t you say you want to see me in uniform”

Fu Mingyu’s hands wandered restlessly around her waist, “Yeah.

I want to see you take off your uniform.”

Once the teasing mind comes out, it grows wildly.

But Ruan Sixian couldn’t help blushing when she heard such words being whispered into her ear.

She pushed Fu Mingyu away, lowered her head and pinned her hair behind her ears, which revealed the roots of her red ears.

She pinched the collar of her shirt with her fingers and said with a small voice: “Then, do you want me to take it off for you to see”

After speaking, she went to unbutton the first button.

As soon as the finger moved, they were held by Fu Mingyu and pressed against her chest, while his other hand held the back of her head and kissed her heavily.

She was a little dizzy, maybe because of the wine, and he was also not so gentle.

Ruan Sixian’s feet then become unstable, and the two fall to the bed together.

The night was silent, with the occasional sound of the wind outside the window.

The ambiguous and lingering breath gradually warmed up in the heated room.

Fu Mingyu held Ruan Sixian’s head and kissed her closely, while her hands had already wrapped around his neck at some point, and she responded actively again and again.

He opened his eyes and both of them were blurred and hazy.

He covered her lips with his, and said with a soft voice, “Are you always so active after drinking”

His fingers brushed against her face, and the skin under his fingers was a little hot.

Ruan Sixian’s eyelashes drooped and trembled slightly: “Maybe I am indeed more active during my menstrual period.”


The lust in Fu Mingyu’s eyes subsided at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his fingers seemed to have frozen and motionless.

He closed his eyes and called out her name, almost gnashing his teeth.


Ruan Sixian smiled so much that her eyes were curved.

Then she hooked his neck, pulled him to the bed and pressed him beside her.

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She turned over, laying on the bed on her stomach and looked at him with her hands holding her cheeks.

“I already said another day.

Another day.

But you just don’t want to behave and have to choose this day.

Can you still blame it on me”

Fu Mingyu turned his head sideways and looked at her with half-squinted eyes.

Then he reached out and pinched her chin, “Do you want to play me to death”

Ruan Sixian raised her chin righteously.

“Is this a human language you are speaking with Who is the one who opened my wardrobe door and gave me only two choices, to wear it myself or you wear it for me”

Fu Mingyu closed his eyes and frowned, took a deep breath and loosened the hand holding her chin.

Then he grabbed her shoulder, pressed her to his chest and lay down.

Ruan Sixian was not very quiet.

After adjusting to a more comfortable posture, she said: “May I ask you something”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu put his hand on her waist and replied casually.

“I heard from them today that your mom doesn’t agree with your older brother’s engagement to his girlfriend, and then broke them up… Hey, stop moving your hands, it’s itchy!” Ruan Sixian waved his hand away and continued, “Is it true that your brother hasn’t come back after going abroad for more than half a year”

“It’s not true.” Fu Mingyu suddenly laughed, and before Ruan Sixian asked, he explained, “It’s true that my mother asked them to break up, but that’s because they had a problem in their relationship.

For those who have an entangling problem in their relationship, which is hard to solve for both parties, she is a person who advises separation rather than togetherness.”

Ruan Sixian was a little stunned when she heard it.

“Advises separation rather than togetherness”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu wrapped his fingers around Ruan Sixian’s hair and talked about this matter with almost no emotion.

“She believes that if the other party is a person who they can live with for a lifetime, they will still come together again in the end, even after being separated for a period of time.

They also can take this opportunity to precipitate and reflect.

But if they live more easily after being separated, then there is no need for them to return to the original point anymore.



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