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“Alas…” Ruan Sixian got into the car, buried her chin in the furry shawl, and sighed suddenly.

“What’s the matter”

“Is this necklace originally hers too”


She said it was a welcome gift for you.”

Ruan Sixian was silent for a while, and said dully: “Auntie is so kind to me.”

She gave her such a valuable gift even before they met.

When they really met for the first time, she stood out for her.

Even when she left, she was afraid that she would be cold and gave her the shawl.

Fu Mingyu glanced at her with a pair of ‘you just realized it now’ eyes.

“Then, do you still think she doesn’t like you now”

Ruan Sixian smiled, looked down to see the clothes she was wearing, and asked: “Is this dress also from Auntie”

That day, Fu Mingyu’s assistant sent someone to bring the clothes and shoes.

When she opened it and saw what’s inside, there’s even a moment that she doubted Fu Mingyu’s aptitude.

Straight men can’t have such aesthetics!

But if it was sent by Helan Xiang, then everything would make sense.

Fu Mingyu glanced at her helplessly, “Am I a giant baby”

The implication is that this dress has nothing to do with Helan Xiang.

“Oh.” Ruan Sixian reached out and brushed the dress.

“Do you like me wearing a red dress so much”

She had a very clear memory of her birthday, and the words Fu Mingyu said while leaning against her ear often popped up out of nowhere.

“Actually, I prefer another dress better.”

“Which one”

There is a driver in the front row, so Fu Mingyu leaned against Ruan Sixian’s ear and whispered: “Uniform.”


The picture in Ruan Sixian’s mind suddenly changed color and went towards the island country of p*rn comic and never returned.

“I think you’re most suitable for staying in another place.”


“Jiangcheng Prison.

All staff are in uniform.

It can fulfill all your wishes.”


Fu Mingyu said word by word with a sullen face while gritting his teeth: “Ruan——Si——xian.”

“Not present.”

Although she said that, she still moved towards Fu Mingyu and closed her eyes while leaning against his shoulder.

Today, although she only drank a little wine, the alcohol content is really not low.

She has long been a little dizzy.

Fu Mingyu stretched out his arm and wrapped it around her shoulder, making her lean on him more comfortably.

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Inside of the car, it is warm and quiet, and the breath of the person by the side is also steady and long.

Suddenly, there was a burst of heat in his ear.

Before Fu Mingyu had the time to look back, he already heard her whispering in his ear: “Then I will wear it for you next time.”

Because there was another person in the car, Fu Mingyu didn’t speak.

It wasn’t until she was carried out of the car that Ruan Sixian woke up leisurely.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Fu Mingyu’s lower jaw.

After seeing who this person was, she simply closed her eyes and continued to sleep.

When they arrived at the door of her house, Fu Mingyu said: “Open the door.”

Ruan Sixian became more sleepy after she slept.

She just reached out and pressed the password, and closed her eyes again after the door was opened.

Fu Mingyu carried her in and put her on the bed.

Ruan Sixian turned over, hugged the pillow and said in a daze: “Remember to close the door when you go out.”

She plans to lie down for a while and then get up to take a shower.

There was no sound of footsteps in the room for a long time, but she heard the sound of the wardrobe door being pushed open instead.

Ruan Sixian opened her eyes and looked at him, “What are you doing”

Fu Mingyu found the familiar uniform, took it out and threw it on the bed.

“Wear it now.”

Ruan Sixian, who is hugging the pillow, has her consciousness gradually become clear.

“What time is it now Fu Mingyu, can you still be a human”

Fu Mingyu pulled his coat down and put it aside, wearing only his shirt.

When he leaned over, there was a faint smell of wine on his body.

“Being a human for too long of a time will also make people become a little tired occasionally.”

Seeing that Ruan Sixian didn’t move, he said: “Do you wear it yourself or should I help you wear it”

Ruan Sixian was stunned for a moment.

When she recovered her senses, she suddenly snorted with a laugh: “I will wear it myself.

You go out first.”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyebrows, turned to go out, and closed the door of the room.

A few minutes later, the person inside the room spoke.


Fu Mingyu turned to look at the door, and after two seconds, he twisted the doorknob.

Ruan Sixian was fastening the buttons with her back to him.

She heard the sound and looked back at him.

She didn’t know why, but a sentence of ‘Man, are you satisfied with what you see’ suddenly popped into her mind.

After thinking about it, she felt that the script was wrong, so she didn’t say it.

But the man in front of her was obviously very satisfied.

Although he pursed his lips tightly, the bottom of his eyes is deep, and the spark of desire is beating in there.


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