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“It makes me nauseous.

Does she really think the Fu family is a place where anyone can just enter She——”

Someone in the smoking area is summing up the statement, but before the voice fell, someone caught a glimpse of a figure out of the corners of his eyes and immediately pulled the sleeve of the person next to him.


——”What kind of place do you think the Fu family is”

A pair of bright golden pointed high heels stepped in, making a sharp sound on the bluestone road.

Helan Xiang stopped one meter away from the group of people, holding her arms in her hands and her chin tucked, and her pair of eyes were looking up and down at the person who had just said this sentence, “Hmm Say, what kind of place is the Fu family From what you said about the Fu family just now, it looks as scary as prison.”

In the open-air smoking area, the cold wind blew in bursts, with some snow particles caught in it, and it blew on those several people.

It was so piercingly cold that even their coats were useless against it.

For a time, the small pavilion was so quiet that only the sound of the wind blowing the leaves was heard.

“Why is it that no one speaks anymore I see that you all speak so well just now.

On a more formal occasion, none of you are active in your speech but in private, one has a longer tongue[1] than the other.

Why didn’t the duck tongue factory in Wenzhou invite you to sit there”

Helan Xiang took a step to the left, her fingers tapped on and off her arm, and her thick eyelashes fluttered up and down, “You are still young, but what comes out of your mouth is a b*tch instead.

Has your English reached an excellent level that you can show off now”

The woman’s face and ears blushed from hearing what Helan Xiang said.

She gritted her teeth and somewhat doesn’t know what to do, “Auntie, you have misunderstood us.”

“What did I misunderstand” Helan Xiang stared into her eyes and made the other party couldn’t even look up to her, “My son gave a necklace to his girlfriend to play with as she likes but you keep saying that the necklace is fake.

Let me ask you, what do you mean by that”

She patted her chest, took a deep breath, and looked aggrieved.

“Our Fu family has worked hard for decades, not to mention the suffering and how tired it is.

As a result, we are so unbearable in the eyes of outsiders.

In the final analysis, we are the unworthy ones.”

Ruan Sixian, who was standing in the corridor with a serious expression on her face: “…”

How did this turn into sadfishing

“Auntie, I, I didn’t mean that.”

Helan Xiang ignored her, turned her head and walked slowly to the other man and gently covered her nose with her fingers.

“But whether it is worthy or not, when is it your turn to decide Do you think you are a senior locksmith Does my son even need you to evaluate it for him when he has a girlfriend Why don’t you first look at whether you are worthy or not Isn’t there a bathroom in front of us Just hurry in and take a look at the mirror first.”

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When Helan Xiang looked at another man again, she paused and didn’t say anything.

A drum was beating inside that man’s heart and he quickly cleared his relationship with the others: “Auntie, I just passed by here…”

“People passing by are passers-by.

When the passer-by can’t even care anymore about the need to take a pee, what kind of variety will they be then”


On the other side, Fu Mingyu and Yan’an went to the exit from both ends of the banquet hall.

Fu Mingyu felt that Ruan Sixian had been gone for a long time and hasn’t come back yet, so he plans to find her, while Yan’an wants to go out to smoke a cigarette.

The two just happened to meet in the corridor.

One of them walked in the front, while the other walked in the back.

The atmosphere was a little frozen.

When Yan’an was about to say something, the corners of his eyes suddenly swept to a corner and he said, “Over there…”

Before he could finish speaking, Fu Mingyu had already stepped up and walked over.

“What’s wrong” He walked to Ruan Sixian’s side, “What are you doing here”

Ruan Sixian had not recovered from the battlefield in front of her eyes.

She turned her head and saw Fu Mingyu coming, opened her mouth but ended up closing it.

Before she could speak, Helan Xiang turned around and immediately frowned, “It’s nothing.”

She came over and glanced at her son.

Her tone was a little sour.

“I just didn’t expect that, after going through hardships for half of my life while dragging my two sons to grow up, I was described as a wicked Mother-in-law who broke up affectionate couples, extremely vicious, breaking up people’s good marriage, and even forced my eldest son to leave the country.”

Four people in the smoking area: “…”

No, we don’t mean that.

Ruan Sixian was also shocked.

It turns out that the original big move is placed here to be used now

And thinking about what she said, it seems that there is nothing wrong either

Ruan Sixian raised her head and saw Fu Mingyu squinting his eyes as he glanced at the people in front of him.

She instantly had a feeling that the names of these people were about to disappear.

[1] long tongue: likes to gossip and provoke right and wrong.


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