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The coquettish tone didn’t move Ruan Sixian’s heart at all, but it made the driver laugh, “Girl, my car is hired online, and I can’t take you, or I’ll violate the rules.”

Ni Tong: “……”

At the same time, Ruan Sixian shook her cell phone at her, pursed her mouth and smiled as if she can’t help it.

Ni Tong quickly glanced back, did not see a taxi, but had to unfasten the seat belt.

As soon as she gave up her seat, Ruan Sixian sat down and closed the door abruptly.

At that moment, Ni Tong heard the voice of the driver’s mobile phone automatically announced: “Received a passenger with a tail number of 6233, going to Hengshi Airlines from Mingchen Apartment.”

“You!” Ni Tong watched the car go away, took a mouthful of car fumes and was so angry that she stamped her feet, “Really, what kind of person is she!”

Fortunately, another taxi came soon after.

Ni Tong stopped the taxi and asked the driver to step on the gas all the way, and afterwards, she could be regarded as arriving before the prescribed time.

It’s just that she didn’t expect to see that woman just now, at the elevator entrance of the Hengshi Airlines Headquarter building.

Ruan Sixian was also very surprised.

She turned her head and glanced at the woman standing next to her waiting for the elevator.

It was really ‘enemies meet on a narrow road’.

Looks like they will be a colleague in the future

“What a coincidence, and you still caught up.”

Ni Tong didn’t expect that she didn’t open her mouth but the person next to her already opened her mouth first.

It’s also interesting.

She is clearly coming to Hengshi Airlines too, but she is not willing to take her and go together in such an anxious situation, instead, she has to give her a mouthful of gas fumes.

Ni Tong was so angry that the words she said were also strange, “Yo, what a coincidence.

You were also going to Hengshi Airlines”

Ruan Sixian nodded with a smile: “Yeah, I came to report to the Personnel Department.”

Ni Tong raised his eyebrows, and looked at Ruan Sixian unabashedly.

With her harsh attitude in the taxi just now, those who didn’t know will even thought that she was the President’s wife.

The elevator door opened.

Ni Tong is about to enter, but Ruan Sixian was one step ahead.

Ni Tong really lost her temper, and laughed hard at the door.

“Were you just graduated”

Ruan Sixian nodded this time.

Ni Tong chuckled, lifted her foot and walked in, “So, that’s why.”

——That is to say, only newcomers who do not know the consequences will be like this.

The two stood at both ends of the elevator, one pressed the Personnel Department on the 12th floor and the other pressed the Conference Hall on the 14th floor.

Ruan Sixian looked down at her mobile phone, while Ni Tong folded her arms and looked at her.

“Have you taken a flight”

“Not yet.”

Ni Tong knows it but still asks anyway.

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The flight attendants who just came in will take a flight for a period of time.

The old flight attendant is their master.

No matter how the position changes in the future, there will be a relationship between the former and the latter.

What’s more, she’s still the Purser.

“Although it’s a bit unpleasant at the apartment, but I’m a generous person and I have to mention some things to you.” Seeing that Ruan Sixian ignored her, she went up to her and met her face-to-face.

“In our field, we also have to pay attention to qualifications.

Next, you will have to enter the flying stage.

Keep your eyes open wide.

In the future, have more respect and be polite.

Senior is still a senior.

Don’t scramble everywhere and vainly make the master unhappy.”

She reached out and pointed her finger to the elevator door, “It doesn’t matter if it is in a place like this elevator, but if later you have to even fight for the first place when you go inside the plane, what will the master think of you What will the Purser think of you “

Ruan Sixian raised her head and looked at Ni Tong for a moment.

Ni Tong felt even more upset.

What are you looking at

But did not wait for Ni Tong to attack, Ruan Sixian actually chuckled out.

It took Ni Tong a long time to come back to her senses.

This laugh of hers, no matter how she looks at it, it appeared as if she was looking at a child with an IQ and dimensionality reduction.

Ni Tong sighed, thinking that if she didn’t state it clearly, this person wouldn’t understand it.

“We will have to work together in the future.

Let’s get to know each other formally.”

Ni Tong stretched out her hand and solemnly said: “The head of the fourth crew, Ni Tong.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t move, her eyes swept from Ni Tong’s face to her hand, clear and light, without any emotion.

Then she slowly raised her hand to hold it.

“From the sixth team of the Flight Department, ACJ31 Pilot ,Ruan Sixian.”

Ni Tong’s hand shook.

She stared at Ruan Sixian in a daze, as if she couldn’t believe what she said.

The elevator dinged and it was on the twelfth floor already.

Ruan Sixian took out her hand and walked out.

Before the elevator door closed, she turned back and said: “By the way, if you fly with me in the future, you’d better not drink alcohol within 24 hours before arriving on duty.

I can’t stand the flight attendant being late.”


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