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Then Fu Mingyu took Ruan Sixian to eat.

At this time, a certain person who seems dignified and elegant on the outside is actually flustered in her heart.

In front of the long dining table, Fu Mingyu took a piece of cake and was about to give it to Ruan Sixian, but she gave him a hard twist instead.

Ruan Sixian’s strength is really not small.

Fu Mingyu frowned, “What’s wrong again”

“I think your mother doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Ruan Sixian turned her head to look at Helan Xiang without leaving a trace, and finally said what she had thought just now, “Don’t you feel it”

“It’s not that she doesn’t like you.

It’s just that she doesn’t get along well with your mother.” Fu Mingyu slowly raised his eyes, “Their relationship is actually not that bad either.”

After he finished speaking, he fed a piece of cake to Ruan Sixian’s mouth.

Ruan Sixian is in no mood to eat and just turns her face away.

Then she frowned and said: “I understand.

You’re just euphemistically saying that your mother doesn’t like my mother, right”

Fu Mingyu lowered his eyes, which could be regarded as acquiescence.

Ruan Sixian sighed, “What should I do then”

“What do you mean” Fu Mingyu looked at her and chuckled, “Are you my girlfriend or my mother’s girlfriend”

At the same time, the piece of cake was fed to her again.

Ruan Sixian was overjoyed by his words and took a bite.

Fu Mingyu raised his hand and wiped off the cheese foam on her mouth with his thumb.

He didn’t take a tissue either, but put it on his mouth and gently licked it.

Ruan Sixian looked at his slow movement, and her face unconsciously became a little hot.

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“There are so many people here.

Can you behave more decently”

After speaking, she looked around with a little guilty conscience, and was caught off guard when she bumped into Zheng You’an eyes in the distance.

Zheng You’an, who had been silently looking at the situation in the distance, immediately turned her back and walked to the other side, posing as if ‘I didn’t see anything’.

In fact, she breathed a sigh of relief silently, and felt a sense of comfort similar to that of CP fans.

You two, please show your love to your heart’s content, as much as you like.

As long as I see you two are well, I will be relieved.

“Am I not decent enough Your estimation about the bottom of my moral quality is a little too high.”


Seeing that he was able to say such words in public with an imposing manner like this, Ruan Sixian felt that she indeed had too high of an estimation about his bottom line of moral quality.

But Fu Mingyu naturally doesn’t feel there’s something wrong in what he said.

He just took another piece of cake and fed it to Ruan Sixian’s mouth again.

“Have some more.”

Ruan Sixian looked straight at him.

All right, let the two of them become less decent together then.

She opened her mouth and bit Fu Mingyu’s fingertip too while she was at it.

“I will redo my lipstick in the bathroom.”

Then she turned around and left.

Fu Mingyu looked at his fingertip with a shallow tooth mark on it.

Her mouth is really merciless.

Yan’an’s father happened to pass by here.

Seeing this scene, he smiled at Fu Mingyu.

At the same time, he saw Yan’an, who had changed his clothes and came down from the second floor, drinking a glass of wine slowly.

He didn’t pay much attention to others either.

There was ‘bad mood’ written all over his face, so Yan’an’s father walked over slowly.

The father and son stood side by side.

The father also brought a glass of wine and said to the son as if having a small talk: “Fu Mingyu just brought his girlfriend over to greet me.

I heard Zhu Dong say you chased her”

Yan’an swallowed a big mouthful of wine, and his voice was a little low.

“He really has a big mouth.”

“Let’s not care about that.

Let me warn you first.”

His father moved to a place on the side with few people there and motioned to Yan’an to follow him.

“I told you about the Zheng family yesterday.

Once it’s decided, you have to take back your temper no matter what, and you can’t step on the face of others.

And on Fu Mingyu’s side, since she is already his girlfriend, you can’t have any thoughts in your mind such as digging at the foot of the wall at all.”

He paused and said again: “I understand those stinky problems of yours.

If you really can’t control yourself, then let’s rethink the matters about the Zheng family.

Let’s not make it look too ugly, okay What do you think”


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