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After receiving the other party’s New Year gift, one must also express themself.

It’s just that this is Ruan Sixian’s first time giving a gift to a man.

She is not familiar with the process and doesn’t know how to show a calm expression.

After thinking about it, she might as well just start it directly.

She reached out to pull Fu Mingyu’s tie.

“Come closer.”

Fu Mingyu obeyed and leaned over to get closer to her.

Ruan Sixian began to untie his tie.

“What do you want to do”

Fu Mingyu pressed her hand and whispered, “Today is a holiday.

I am very busy.”


Ruan Sixian suddenly pinched the Windsor knot, with both her hands, one pulled upwards and the other pulled downwards, and tightened it on his neck.

Fu Mingyu hissed, “Do you want to kill me”

“Can you stop having only obscene thoughts in your mind” Ruan Sixian was no longer as careful as she had just been.

She violently untied his tie at a fast speed and threw it aside.

Fu Mingyu was about to say something when the LED screen on the office door suddenly lit up.

Bo Yang was outside and he came in because of something.

Ruan Sixian naturally saw it too.

She didn’t speak and only sat upright with the tie in her hand.

Bo Yang walked in with a folder in his hand and looked at Fu Mingyu, who was ‘disheveled’.

There was no change in his expression.

He spread the thing out on the desk and said: “President Fu, there is a document that needs to be signed.”

As a qualified assistant, in addition to being rigorous and conscientious at work, he should also have good emotional processing ability.

He can’t be surprised at every turn.

Otherwise, he will easily become a condiment in the boss’s love.

Fu Mingyu straightened the collar that had been ruffled by Ruan Sixian, got up and walked to the desk.

Then he put one hand in his pocket and flipped through the documents on the desk with the other hand.

After taking a general look at the content, he picked up the pen and signed it neatly.

When he lowered his head, the setting sun shone on his face through the window, reflecting a layer of shallow golden light.

Ruan Sixian kept looking at him blatantly.

Her boyfriend is so good-looking.

The outline of his eyes, nose and mouth… Even the hair is on the aesthetic point that she likes.

Bo Yang reported his work from the side: “Starting from 6:00 pm, the population flow during this holiday has begun to increase sharply.

All the operation duty directors are on duty.

The current crew operation and maintenance operation control are all normal.

In 20 minutes, the operation monitoring of all flights will be synchronized.”

After speaking, Bo Yang picked up the signed document, turned around and walked out again with a blank expression.

Before going out, he pressed the button next to the door and when he left, the door would automatically enter the external locking state after it was closed.

Fu Mingyu turned around and walked towards Ruan Sixian, then sat beside her.

With a slight sly smile in his eyes, he raised his chin and said,  “Continue”

Ruan Sixian cursed in her heart.

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Then she directly took out the box hidden behind her and said angrily: “A gift.”

Fu Mingyu looked straight at Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian was made a little uncomfortable by his gaze.

She didn’t want to talk and just directly made the move.

She usually sees Fu Mingyu tying a Windsor knot.

A simple triangle.

The principle should be similar to that of a silk scarf.

While doing it, she said: “Although this is not as good as what you usually use, if I hear you say you don’t like it, then it can be used for other purposes.


“Hmm What kind of purposes”


Ruan Sixian raised her head and stopped her voice when she met Fu Mingyu’s gaze with unclear meaning in it.

Why didn’t he become a painter with so much obscene waste in his mind

Two seconds later, she couldn’t resist pulling his neck again and said fiercely: “A life rope.”

Ruan Sixian found that Fu Mingyu didn’t care anymore about the way she spoke harshly to him now.

When he heard the words ‘a life rope’, he laughed instead.

It makes her feel unfulfilled and also doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Just then, someone rang the doorbell again.

Ruan Sixian threw away the tie in her hand, then got up and walked to the window.

Hearing a woman’s voice, she looked back and saw that the assistant came in with the food boxes and was bending over to place everything on the reception desk.

The reason why the Holiday Shura field is called Shura field is that even a person in a position like Fu Mingyu dare not leave his job easily.

Intensive flights directly double the probability of accidents.

Even a small accidental delay can affect the whole body and affect the operation of a series of subsequent flights.

What’s more, if there is a safety accident during this period, Fu Mingyu will bear the brunt of the responsibility.

Fu Mingyu lowered his head and fastened his tie.

The assistant also finished arranging the food boxes and withdrew silently.


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