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“It’s too meaningless.

There’s no meaning anymore doing this **ty work!” He just choked up at first, but now he is completely venting.

“Not to mention being exposed to radiation, I also have to take the blame every day.

Damn it, even the media also reported that the Sichuan Airlines’ incident where the windshield was broken was due to careless maintenance.

It has f*cking nothing to do with the maintenance’s crew! That one is still f*cking factory-packed aircraft.

The maintenance crew hasn’t even touched it!”

When his collapse became more and more unstoppable, Ruan Sixian didn’t know what to do.

The two of them are of the opposite sex, and the key is that this is still her boyfriend’s company.

It won’t look very good like this!

“That…” Ruan Sixian pushed him away slowly.

“If there’s any problem, let’s talk about it slowly…”

After being pushed by her, Tan Shan simply squatted on the ground, holding his head and immersed himself in his own sadness.

“I still can’t lose my job… I have no other skills…”

Ruan Sixian is afraid that Tan Shan will repeat the same state again on her shoulder later, so she took a step back and said: “I have to——”

Her mobile phone suddenly rang, and Ruan Sixian’s heart inexplicably skipped a beat.

She took it out and saw that it was indeed Fu Mingyu’s message.

[Fu Mingyu]: Look up.

These two words were like machine instructions, and Ruan Sixian immediately raised her head.

Through the glass corridor, she saw a person standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the director’s office opposite.


Ruan Sixian sighed and put away her mobile phone.

Tan Shan covered his face.

“I am sorry… I said too much… I am sorry to let you listen to my complaints at this place.”

“I have something else to do, so I will go first.”

Have to go coax my boyfriend.

Before entering Fu Mingyu’s office, Ruan Sixian paused, then turned around and went to the side of a female assistant.

She squatted down to open the flight case and took out the box containing the tie.

After entrusting the flight box to the female assistant, she put her hands behind her back, hid the box on her body, and walked in quietly.

Fu Mingyu was standing in front of the window and was on the phone.

Seeing Ruan Sixian coming in, he turned his head and raised his hand, motioning Ruan Sixian to wait.

Ruan Sixian sat on the sofa and hid the box behind her.

During the few minutes when Fu Mingyu called, she sat very upright, like a primary school student.

After the call, Fu Mingyu turned around and walked towards her.

He sat next to her, stretched his legs and relaxed his posture, but he didn’t speak.

He flipped through his cell phone and she didn’t know what he was looking at.

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Looking so indifferent.

Ruan Sixian got closer.

“President Fu”

He didn’t speak and still continued to flip through his mobile phone.

Ruan Sixian tugged at his sleeve.


He still didn’t speak.

He didn’t even lift his eyes.

Ruan Sixian licked the corners of her lips and got closer again.

“Older Brother”

The movement of his fingertips suddenly stopped.

Fu Mingyu turned his head to the side and looked at Ruan Sixian with a faint light in his eyes, and raised his eyebrows invisibly.

But he still didn’t speak.

He just straightened up, leaned over and stretched out his hand towards the table.

Ruan Sixian grabbed the corner of his clothes.

“I ran into my high school alumni just now.

His emotions somewhat collapsed, and then——”

Suddenly, a royal blue velvet box appeared in front of her.

The lid popped open, and a necklace inside reflected the glittering and translucent light.

The pendant is not big, and it is a delicate hexagon shape.

“New Year’s gift.”

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth but then closed it again.

Obviously, it’s just a New Year’s gift, but she is hit by a delicate sense of happiness that slowly spreads and fills her heart unknowingly.

“I…” She was a little overwhelmed, “I don’t lack…”

“Is the lack of necessities still called gifts” Fu Mingyu took out the necklace, reached around her neck, and put it on her.

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu without blinking and even forgot to take a look at her New Year’s gift.

Fu Mingyu slid his finger down the chain onto the pendant and gently fiddled with it.

“Although I’ve heard you say that you don’t like these——”

“I like it.”

Ruan Sixian blurted out.

I like it because it’s from you.


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