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The ‘a little bit’ of domineering President’s can’t be compared with the ‘a little bit’ of ordinary people’s.

Ruan Sixian asked again, “Are you thinking about how to get revenge on her”

Fu Mingyu chuckled, “Not really.”

Since June of this year, almost all of the five-star hotels under the Zheng family in third-tier cities have been closed, and the market share in second-tier cities is also in jeopardy.

The outside world may not necessarily see the decline of the Zheng family, but as a long-term partner, Fu Mingyu can spy on one or two of them from all aspects.

Moreover, when the Zheng family matched him up with Zheng You’an two years ago, he already felt that the situation of the Zheng family was not optimistic.

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes and quickly signed a document: “I don’t want to bother with her.”


I see.” Ruan Sixian laughed at the other end of the phone, “You are quite generous.”

“I don’t think I’m generous.

You should be the most experienced person with that.”

Ruan Sixian snorted softly, “I’m going to read a book.”

Fu Mingyu: “Huh It’s so late and you’re still reading Are you in good spirits”

“… Let me tell you, Fu Mingyu.

Don’t you ever wish to enter my house again in the future.”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Mingyu smiled and when he put down his pen, Bo Yang came up to collect the documents.

Fu Mingyu got up, looked at the time, and turned his head to ask Bo Yang: “Is my mother home”

“Madam just got off the plane.”

Fu Mingyu nodded and asked Bo Yang to order the driver to go back to Huguang Mansion tonight.

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He arrived a few minutes before Helan Xiang.

Doudou leaned against his feet and turned its belly asking him to scratch it.

Fu Mingyu played with it for a while and was about to go upstairs to change his clothes when there was a movement at the door.

Helan Xiang, wearing shiny artificial fur, walked in with a bright face and walked to a place under the light.

The whole person shines as if she had just come down from the Broadway stage.

When she saw Fu Mingyu at home, her footsteps paused and she stood in place.

Then she looked at him up and down, “Oh, who is this Did you go to the wrong house”

She turned back and waved to the driver: “A stranger broke into my house illegally, hurry up and call the police.”

The driver who came in with her suitcase couldn’t help laughing.

Fu Mingyu looked at her coldly, untied his cuffs and walked towards her.

He sometimes doubts whether there was something wrong with his physique, because the women around him are sharper one than the other.

Helan Xiang swayed to the table and took out a royal blue velvet box from her bag.

She took out a necklace from it and hung it on her finger, then turned to face Fu Mingyu and raised her chin, saying: “Look at this.”

Fu Mingyu only glanced at it and was not very interested in this kind of thing that was loved by women.

“Very beautiful.”

“Do I still need you to tell me that it’s beautiful Do I have no eyes”

Helan Xiang shook the necklace, and under the floor lamp, the pendant glowed faintly.

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes, “Is it over your budget”

“…” Helan Xiang put away the necklace, “Vulgar!”

After carefully putting the necklace back into the box, she said: “I originally went there this time just to see an art exhibition, but Mr.

Lester heard that I had passed by and insisted that I attend his banquet.

I didn’t want to go, but he even came in person to invite me, so I can’t not give him face, right”

Fu Mingyu nodded but didn’t say anything.


Lester, who Helan Xiang mentioned, is a cutting-edge jewelry designer from the United Kingdom.

He signed a contract with a jewelry brand in China at the beginning of this year and has been based in China since then.

“Then I praised his award-winning necklace this year.

As a result, he gave it to me without saying a word.

It’s difficult to refuse such kindness.

I can’t even push it off.”

Helan Xiang rubbed her temples, “I wanted to keep a low profile, but as a result of his action, all the women at the banquet stared at me instead.

It’s really troublesome.”

Hearing this, Fu Mingyu already had some ideas in his mind.

He walked slowly to the table, opened the box again and looked at the necklace inside.


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