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But Ruan Sixian really didn’t know.

The only emotional node she could find was the day she promised to be his girlfriend.

She originally had little demand for love.

She thought that Yan’an was nice when he just approached her but after several times of contact, she found that it turned out it wasn’t like that either, and her thought has become even weaker in that aspect.

Moreover, since her parents divorced, she felt that even a bunch of couples that had been together for more than ten years, and also had such an old child, could just say goodbye so simply, and wasted all those years just like that.

What’s more, a relationship without a marriage certificate to support it, is too superficial.

It is even not as real as the little increased flight time in her mission statement.

But Fu Mingyu was very strange.

When he asked her if her words were spoken in anger at that time in the parking lot, she had a strong impulse to try with this person.

For some reason, she felt a strange attraction towards Fu Mingyu.

At the beginning, she was obviously so angry with him every day, like two magnets with the same pole.

But at some point unknown, he already quietly turned a direction and let himself approach her without external force at all.

Fu Mingyu was still waiting for her answer and looked at her directly.

Ruan Sixian slowly curled up her fingers, and her fingertips were hot.

She lowered her head, approached his ear and whispered softly: “I don’t know.”

She paused, then said again: “I like it now anyway.”

After speaking, she felt very sorry for her boyfriend.

How come that she can’t even answer this kind of question

So, as if comforting him, she kissed his earlobe.

The man’s shoulder twitched, accompanied by the sound of his inhalation.

Ruan Sixian found that his earlobe is very soft, much softer than expected, making her couldn’t help but want to bite.

Then, she just did whatever came to her mind.

She really bit it lightly, but the hand on her waist suddenly tightened, making the two stick tightly together.

“Are your ears so sensitive” Ruan Sixian raised her hand and drew a circle at his Adam’s apple with her fingertips.

“What about here”

Fu Mingyu suddenly grabbed her hand and looked at her with a frown.

His eyes were terrifyingly deep, and his voice contained a hint of warning, “Ruan Sixian, if you want to have a good meal today, don’t touch me.”


She, Ruan Sixian, hates being threatened most in her life!

She broke free from Fu Mingyu’s hand and buried her head to kiss his Adam’s apple.

He raised his head uncontrollably, his slender neck tensed, and a fine and warm feeling spread throughout his body.

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He suddenly clasped the back of her head and forced her to look up and kissed her.

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and indulged in his kiss, but she was still conscious.

She obviously felt something wrong with the place close to her thigh.

Just then, Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone on the table suddenly rang, and the ringtone seemed particularly harsh at this time.

No one answered and the ringtone automatically stopped.

But after a while, it rang again.

Ruan Sixian frowned and pushed him away.

“Your mobile phone rang.”

Fu Mingyu gasped and stared at her for two seconds before reaching for his mobile phone.

He turned his head and glanced at the caller ID——Zheng You’an.

If it was normal time, Fu Mingyu would directly hang it up.

But he thought about what happened today and turned to look at Ruan Sixian, “Do you want to listen to it”

Ruan Sixian knew what he meant, thought about it, and shook her head.

There’s no need anymore.

Fu Mingyu hung up directly and pressed mute.

The two looked at each other again, and the atmosphere became more enthusiastic.

Ruan Sixian has clearly felt his reaction getting stronger and stronger.

Her heart jumped fiercely and her chest fluctuated violently.

Fu Mingyu closed his eyes, and his sanity was gradually disappearing.

F*ck sanity, this is my girlfriend.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked at Ruan Sixian eagerly.

Then he leaned over to her ear and wanted to say something.

But when the words reached his throat, he thought of the real situation again.

There must be nothing in her house.

So he grabbed her hand, put it on his lips and kissed it.

“Baby, help me”


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