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Ruan Sixian was not slow either.

She went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients without even changing her clothes.

It’s just that she spent a lot of time on choosing the ingredients and only came out of the supermarket an hour later.

When she got home, she changed her clothes, took things into the kitchen, and emotionlessly raised the knife in hand and cut it down.

The chicken head on the chopping board was separated from the chicken body neatly and rolled to the ground.

She doesn’t cook often.

She usually cooks noodles or instant dumplings for herself.

Occasionally, if she wants to make a few more complicated dishes, she has to follow the recipe.

But today, everything went surprisingly smooth.

The meat is well cut one after another, symmetrical and consistent in thickness.

It looks pleasing to the eyes.

Maybe this is cooking with love.

At seven in the evening, the doorbell rang.

Ruan Sixian appeared at the door in a slim-fitting brown sweater, simple jeans, an apron around her neck and her hair tied behind her head.

Fu Mingyu felt that she looked particularly gentle today.

“You just came back today.

Aren’t you tired Why did you cook by yourself”

He asked.

“Not tired.” Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Isn’t this all to prepare a big gift for you”

Is this her big gift

Fu Mingyu was a little disappointed.

He even thought that it was something special.

She pulled Fu Mingyu in and let him sit on the sofa.

“Wait for a while.

It will be ready in a minute.”

Seeing Ruan Sixian like this, Fu Mingyu feels somewhat not used to it.

“Do you need my help”


Ruan Sixian returned to the kitchen and with the quick and neat movement of her hands and feet, she soon served three dishes.

Zaozhuang’s spicy chicken, fish head with chopped pepper, and boiled pork slices.

Seeing the finished table, Ruan Sixian was a little shocked.

Sure enough, if people don’t force themselves, they won’t know how good they can be.

It’s just that after Fu Mingyu came to the table, facing the bright red color all over the table, he was a little puzzled.

Ruan Sixian sat opposite him and gave him the first pair of chopsticks.

“Try it.

It’s something I just learned.”

Fu Mingyu held the chopsticks, hesitated for a moment, and ate a piece of boiled pork slices, but did not speak.

“Is it not delicious”

Ruan Sixian asked.

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“No.” Fu Mingyu said, “It’s good.”

Ruan Sixian snorted, then pointed at the fish head with chopped peppers and said, “Try this again.”

Although Fu Mingyu doesn’t like spicy food, he is very conscious of saving his girlfriend’s face.

After tasting it, he nodded and said, “Not bad.”

Ruan Sixian pointed to Zaozhuang’s spicy chicken again, “Then, this one”

This dish is a bit hard to eat just by looking at it.

At this time, Ruan Sixian got up and poured a glass of water.

Fu Mingyu thought it was for him and stretched out his hand to take it, but Ruan Sixian held the glass and leaned down, “What You haven’t eaten this dish yet.”

It’s just one dish.

The girlfriend cooked it herself and there’s no reason not to eat it.

Doing her a favor, Fu Mingyu ate it contentedly.

“How is it” Ruan Sixian asked again.

“It’s okay.” Fu Mingyu looked calm, but he put down his chopsticks after he finished speaking.

“Then keep eating.”

Ruan Sixian said this and gave out the feeling of ‘if you don’t finish eating it all today, then it means that you don’t love me’.

If so, then her gift is really a bit heavy——tasting.

Fu Mingyu now finally felt that something was wrong with Ruan Sixian.

He raised his eyes and didn’t ask any more questions.

He tasted her craft very respectfully.

In the afternoon, his throat seemed to be on fire, and his back was faintly sweating.

But there was no expression on his face.

He ate gently and his movements were not slow.

Soon, the dishes on the plate were reduced by a third.

This posture made Ruan Sixian believe that these dishes were really good.

Did I ask you to come taste the delicious food

Ruan Sixian felt that she had hit the cotton with a punch, and angrily picked up the chopsticks and tasted it.

She ate fast, and before she could taste other flavors, a spicy taste rushed into her brain from her mouth, and her eyes started to burst into tears in an instant.


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